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Well, while desperately trying to devise a way to make my entire existence public property (God only knows why - I think I'm just attention seeking to be honest), David is off chatting up Mel, and not working on my HTML layout like he's meant to. Bad David.

Hmm, who else is online? Well Bri, but he ceased to count long ago. When not talking to him, I can run imaginary conversations with him in my head anyway. They generally consist of me telling him what I've done, and him calling me an idiot. So aside from David, Brian, and of course the lovely Mel, we also have Grace, Julaine, Laura, Mitchy, Morgan, Jon..... Bah... Reycov is on Away mode, the selfish git, and I don't much feel like talking to any of the others. I think I'll just go back to plotting how I can get all this attention....

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For whatever its worth - I am always up for a chat on ICQ. Unless I am set to Away or suchlike. Drop me a line if you fancy "it". That sounded rude.

Amusing unrelated anecdote

OK then, will do. Incidentally, the reason I have you on my list was that a few months ago, David Lees sent everybody on his list a message akin to:

"Everybody add Scott Freeman (ICQ number whatever) and send him a single message saying 'Donkey'"

Re: Amusing unrelated anecdote

I still wonder to this date why everyone said "Donkey" to me that time. David Lees is a funny old character.

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