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Exclamation of "Holy Shit!"
Um, I really can't talk right now. Better things to do than give out details of my life to you people...

Nah, just kidding. Of course I have time for you. Well, let me see... I've had a great (and as such, thoroughly bizarre) night, lots of fun and such, but no details. You don't want to know, kids ;o). I also found out something totally excellent about something, and I'm generally happy about that, although again, no details. Let's just say life has taken a turn for the extremely better, albeit in perhaps a very temporary way.... But for now, everything is excellent, and I'm going to bed high out of my tiny little mind (not on drugs, just on feeling good). Later, people :o)

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You used to tell us everything. Now it's all so sketchy. Damn you.

See MSN discussion that we're about to have :o)

I did, too! Hurrah.

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