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Right, well, it's time to go out and buy stuff... It'll be a nice break from the revision, if nothing else - I swear, if I was one of the people who gave a shit about this stupid subject, I'd have gone (even more) insane by now. 7 exams in 9 days is just ridiculous, especially given that I only have ten exams per year. It's a fine balance here - I have to force myself to care enough to revise, but I shouldn't care enough that it stresses me out. And my ground-state is "Don't give a flying fuck", which just confuses matters more.

You know what, sod this. I'm going out for a while....

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I was actually not going to comment on your exams; I was going to beg my way into the BLX community...I really laugh reading your articles. Brings some humor into a usually humdrum day. Anyway, didn't realize there was one maintainer for BLX, but now I'll enjoy reading your journal, too, eh?! I was going to go off for a minute about how I'm originally from England, but decided that you probably wouldn't give a shit.

Yup, at present, I'm the only one who posts to the community - just seems easier to give somebody the URL as a set of my writing than have them worry about who wrote what...

But I'm certainly glad you enjoy my writing - it's nice to know that people are reading it, even if it is a fairly limited audience... I doubt you'll find my journal amusing - it's rather boring :o)

And don't presuppose I won't care - you seem a cut above the regular teeny-bopper morons that comment on my LJ, so I'm far more likely to care :o)

I will try reading both as a way to get a "balanced" view of you! And, at the ripe age of 27, I have passed the teeny-bopper stage, though even I can be moronic at times...

Did you ever get the pizza you deserved?

Eh, 10 exams in one year or semester... or how does that work? *Confused*

Yes, I did.

And yeah, ten exams at the end of the year - one for each subject we took.

So you have classes during the whole year? No break up of classes so that it's a few classes per semester?

There are three terms. In the first term, we do four subjects. Second term, we do four subjects. Third term, we do two subjects, and then have exams on all ten subjects we did.

Wow, I'm glad it's not like that here, I have such bad memory lately...

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