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People Born In December Are:

Loyal and generous - To a fault
Patriotic - Not a chance
Active in games and interactions - Uh, not really
Impatient and hasty - Nope
Ambitious - Only vaguely
Influential in organizations - Not at all
Fun to be with - Nope
Loves to socialize - Only up to a point
Loves praises - Who doesn't?
Loves attention - Got me there
Loves to be loved - Well yeah
Honest and trustworthy - Mostly
Not pretending - Wrong
Short tempered - Only occasionally, mostly I'm laid back
Changing personality - Every ten fucking minutes :o\
Not egotistic - HA! HAHAHA!
Take high pride in oneself - Not really
Hates restrictions - Depends
Loves to joke - It has been alleged...
Good sense of humor - I dunno
Logical - Infrequently, if ever

Bah, those things are pants... Now, sleep time, before I jump out of my window (which would be fairly pointless and ineffectual)...

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Loyal and generous - These shouldn't get lumped together...
Patriotic - In a pure sense no one else seems to understand anymore
Active in games and interactions - Sure. What do you call this? This is an interaction.
Impatient and hasty - Often
Ambitious - When I wanna be
Influential in organizations - Depends on the organization...
Fun to be with - Depends on the activity
Loves to socialize - Until people get on my nerves, then I want them to leave me the fuck alone. lol
Loves praises - When it's honest
Loves attention - Why wouldn't I?
Loves to be loved - Who the hell don't?
Honest and trustworthy - I try...
Not pretending - Wrong (agreed)
Short tempered - No
Changing personality - I prefer to think of it as open to new ways of thought...
Not egotistic - HA! HAHAHA! (Again, I'm just gonna agree with you here...)
Take high pride in oneself - It depends on the situation
Hates restrictions - Usually
Loves to joke - Yes
Good sense of humor - Yes
Logical - More so than most, I'd say

That's not on the list.....

I was talking about ya picture & ya eyebrow, but okay...

Heh, fair enough - thanks :o)

what about people born in late november???

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