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Right now, for some unapparent reason, I feel like throwing myself into the sea....

I dunno, life is just a bit shite right now... I have an exam today (Thursday), then Friday, then Saturday, then Monday. Then the next Thursday. Then I get a break until Tuesday 25th, then I have an exam on that day, and on the Thursday. Then I'm free. But it's rather stressful at the minute - exams every day for a week aren't fun...

Right now I'm feeling... I dunno... Unfulfilled, or something... And something that happened earlier today just makes me think that I'm only holding myself back. I don't like that idea in the slightest - I'm meant to be able to blame others here... I thought I was the person I wanted to be, but there's a few things I still have to do before I can feel entirely happy about myself. Until then, I'll always see myself as something of a failure. Not a good thing....

Anyway, I think I'll go sleep again now, if I can...

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what happened to mr. ego?

take care, yeah?

Certain things and people kill him :o\

Dammit, I'm always a few hours to late to make comforting noises! Hehe... I was gonna respond to this with hugs and such, but then I discovered that you're feeling muchos better now, and your exam went well and stuff... so hey. ;)

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