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(no subject)
[15:36:28] <Jamie>
[15:36:31] <Jamie> KIT DOING MY POSE!!!!
[15:36:39] <Jamie> *ahem*
[15:36:40] <DMZ> awww
[15:36:44] <DMZ> doesn't he look innocent?
[15:36:45] <Deity1> piss off :P
[15:36:46] <Jamie> That never gets old :o)
[15:36:54] <Deity1> nor do i :(
[15:37:04] <Jamie> *ROTFLMAO*

Well, it made me laugh, anyway... :o)

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ok i have only posted in your lj once b4...

you ad those guys look like you have fun. more fun than we have here nothing to do.
anyways you are all cuties. expecialy the tall blonde one on the left.

stil not much smiling... hmm.. o well..why aren't yo guys looking happy?

oh well

random DJ user

I rarely ever smile at all. And The Pose© specifically demands a serious expression.

why not...unhappy childhood? and why have a pose in-which you must be serious...maybe i'll grow out of this but i think a "pose" should be fun.

random DJ user

It is fun, it just requires a mock expression of seriousness

ok...if ya say so.

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