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You rarely notice that there's something seriously up with the world until it's pointed out to you. That much is obvious. It's what works on who that's important, really - which message do people hear? In my case, it'd have to be that one put across by both American Beauty and Fight Club. These films teach us that you should quit your high paid jobs and either form underground mayhem operative groups, or just get back to the reality that your life is ending soon, and you'd better make the most of it. Stop being a slave, and start being a person. Do what you want, and do it with a grin, because if you die tomorrow, you sure as hell want to be smiling when you do.

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wow he has realized what life is about.. shame your gonna be stuck studying while i travel the globe :)

I'm sorry, but my goals in life don't involve me catching tropical diseases from she-males, but thanks all the same...

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