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Oh, how I rule. No, really. You guys should see my room. In fact, I'll get webcam pictures later. I've spent the last few hours tidying it, and it's so great now. Tons of floor space - I can once more dance to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack as I used to, or prance around doing rock jumps with my guitar (and inevitably losing picks in the process)... And, predictably, a tidy room has improved my mood no end - clean room = happy Jamie.

How long it lasts remains to be seen, although with just two weeks to go, I doubt I'll have enough time to get it into a state... I'm trying to decide what to do on Thursday the 27th - the date of my last exam. It finishes at 11am, which gives me plenty of time to do something... Right now, my choices are probably either going out and getting pissed out of my head with my flatmates (depending on when Jimbo's last exam is), or going up to Manchester, since that's David's last day too. And it's a Thursday - Jillys would certainly be on the cards. Alternatively there's plenty of places here I could go. Or elsewhere. Anybody want to spend my end-of-exams celebrations with me?

Pizza Hut later. I f'ing deserve it....

Oh, and I changed the picture that appears on my LJ, just because. You should all be scared of me slightly wild-eyed expression, because I know I sure as Hell am :o)

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*collapses from excitement*

Re: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

It is tempting to come see David have guys come on to him.... Although given my luck in clubs, it'll probably happen to me also :o)

Re: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Especially with Gaz around, you know how he finds your irresistable so...

Dancing and prancing to Moulin Rouge probably doesn't help fend off guys that find you attractive.

I bet you can't keep your room tidy for more than a week :-P

How much would you bet? ;o)

Not telling, if you want to find out you'll have to try and keep your room tidy :-)

And it's a Thursday - Jillys would certainly be on the cards.

Damn, I go in Jilly's sometimes, that'd be fucking wierd seeing you. And it's not like I wouldn't recognise you what with your mug plastered all over the net.

Hmm, but you wouldn't recognise me. Interesting. Will make sneaking up and kicking your ass easy :P

Also, what are you doing in jilly's? They don't play Ataris and Fenix TX. Actually, they don't play Saves The Day or Weezer either, so why am I in there a lot?

Oh well. Sorry, just had to comment seeing as Jilly's was mentioned.


Also, whilst I'm here - that picture of you with the shades is fucking hilarious. Mad props chief!

Hmm, but you wouldn't recognise me

Don't count on it, I'll just look for the youngest person in there.... Plus, I'd be with about 10 big, molesting metaler friends (and not your crappy Linkin Park style metal either), who would do awful things to you. Take my advice - stay away from Jillys that night.

I'll just look for the youngest person in there

And attack my friend way? Go for it...

and not your crappy Linkin Park style metal either

Lmao. Hmmm, how nice it is that u point linkin park at me, when my only metal friend (the aforementioned wayne) likes slayer, fear factory and static-x.

Also I believe the term you were going for was "nu metal".

u point linkin park at me

'twasn't specifically "your" linkin park metal, I just meant a general "your"...

Ah, k, fair enough.

And in all fairness everyone likes at least one linkin park song.

I know, but for the most part, their fans are pussies :o)

I know, but for the most part, their fans are pussies :o)

Amen brother. My sentiments exactly.

Linkin park themselves, minus Mike and Chester are pussies. Those two have some sort of talent, but the guitarist? Utter wank.

And it's funny, despite our little differences and mini arguments we have we always seem to end up agreeing on something.

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