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Heh, I had the funniest dream just now... I dreamed that some weird-ass emo kid invited me and David to be in a Saves the Day cover band with him... As I recall, we declined, because David couldn't play drums very well, and because in all honesty, a Saves the Day cover band would be a bit.. well.. lame ;o)

Anyhow, I woke up right about the point where he tried to give us a lift home in his insane three-wheeled car, after kidnapping us and stuff... But yeah - a Saves the Day cover band. The reason I thoutht about it was because This Is Not An Exit came on WinAmp while I was asleep, and I tend to build songs into my dreams. On this occasion, I was holding a guitar, so I just started playing every song that came on in WinAmp.... Sadly, I didn't get any Dream Theater or Clapton come up - that would've been cool, I'd like to play those, if only in dreams :o)

Well yeah, I woke up, and decided to see if I could play This Is Not An Exit. Then I noticed that it's rather obviously a standard four chord song in C, Am, F, G, with C, D, E and occasionally G single notes being played. Got the hang of it in five minutes. Not bad for me really..... If I can get to grips with it, it must be easy ;o)

Exams this week are a bitch... Six exams in Seven days - and I'm doing the only major that actually has to do that. And in those seven days, I'm expected to do over 15% of my entire degree. Pressure much? Especially when this year's exams only count for 27% of the degree - that means over half of my exams fall in one week. Today's exam is Symbolic AI - basically, search algorithms, decision trees, that sort of thing. To pass this module, I have to score like 8 marks out of 40 or something at this point... I'm hoping this is one of those modules I do well on, to push my grade up past a mere "pass", but we shall see :o)

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Once I had a dream that I was playing piano, and it was insane because I knew exactly what I was playing and I knew it was right. I have a fundamental knowledge of music and piano keys - as well as a good ear - and it's like in my subconsiousness I was able to piece it all together and make something happen. When I woke up for a split second it felt like I could have gone and notated what I'd just played. But, of course the ability left me as soon as I sat up and tried to remember where I had any notation paper.

It made me mad that it wasn't real, but it was still the coolest dream I ever had. :)

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