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Just like all the other exams in AI, this one is worth 2% of my degree. That's one percent for every minute I spent revising it...
[22:45:40] <Deity1> you revised for 50 minutes?!
This is one of the subjects where I actually attended a reasonable number of lectures, and as such, I can still remember it (bear in mind that since I finished the subject (in December), I've only been to a further 6 or so lectures on other things, so it's still fairly fresh in my mind). Of course, the other side of the coin here is that I can't revise this - the past papers look fairly straightforward, and where there's things I can't do, it's because they're really specific (and therefore unlikely to appear again). So it's a case of just sitting here and hoping....

I slept from about 5pm until 10pm... I woke up a couple of times in the middle and thought "Shit, what day is it?", which always tends to happen when I sleep in the evenings... Still, I'm more or less up to date on my sleeping schedule now, such that it is - with a minor nap later on tonight before my exam in the morning, I should be fine... Oh, and then there's the England match, which'll be fun, even if I can only see the first half before my exam. I just hope we don't go 2-0 down by half time, and that I have to do my exam all pissed off and stuff... :o)

Okay, one of you please tell me that this is you, taking the piss - if this is real, it's just going to be annoying...
Lindsay3678: wa ttime is is in the uk!
TheUnknownJames: 11pm
Lindsay3678: omg ur kidding
Lindsay3678: its 500 pm here!
TheUnknownJames: 500pm?!
Lindsay3678: yeah!
Lindsay3678: its like dinner time!
Lindsay3678: u guys are like sleepign time!
Lindsay3678: thats scary!1
I have to agree - I too was scared by this discourse... Bah, and it's raining, and my window was wide open when I slept, and I got a face full of downpour at one point - how irritating. Sorry, random tangent there, but you know, that's how I tend to write this crap, so... :o)

Anyway, I ought to eat something, I think... Toast, I expect, since my plans for Pizza Hut were foiled by being asleep....

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I know I always ask you what time it is in the UK, but I can't possibly sound that stupid.

You ask because you know that the time is going to be different. She asked and seemed surprised when it was :o)

(Deleted comment)
"... from the man who brought you Super Toast..."

I'd guess someone in Central Time in the U.S....

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