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50 Ways To Cook Your Missionary
This is what you get. This is what you all get. And I hope it's a lesson to you. Over the last few days, various thoughts have managed to lodge themselves on pieces of paper around my room, and now I'm gonna write them down without even pausing to consider using a LJ-Cut tag, and lo, ye shall fear. etc. Anyway, without further ado...

It occurs that the other day when Jimbo and I were playing Frisbee, he called me James at one point. That's so weird - he and I haven't called each other James in over a year now... Well, strictly speaking, I think we've called each other James once each in the last 15 months... It feels so odd when he calls me that - the whole point is that we both call the other Jimbo - it's just how it works :o)

Anyway, besides that minor distraction, there's other things that crossed my mind. Most of which while out running the other morning. I was looking for the 24 hour Tesco that's meant to be in Hove. I took the wrong turn, and ended up in Preston Park (which is the right place, but I was going in the wrong direction), and then found myself practically walking out of the city. That'll teach me to think I know where I'm going. I never did find it in the end, but I know where it is for next time...

In other news, I sent another sleep text message the other night - I discovered this when I went to write one, and my message screen was full of gibberish.... It's rather sad that I'm at the point where I can half wake up in the night, try to tell somebody something, and just send out crap. I think I've thus far managed to send sleep texts to Jen, David, TMA and Mel - maybe even more people, but those are the only people whose numbers I can put in easily...

Oh, random thing about when I was walking - the postmen were all wearing funny little shorts. Almost made me want to get a job just like that, so that I could dress up to go to work. Then I remembered that it was rather cold out, and that the only thing that stopped me freezing my arse off was the fact that I was running. I then decided that shorts would be a bad career choice....

Over the summer, in whatever spare time (or even work time perhaps) I have, I'm gonna knock up a few bits of kit for my guitar. I found a load of schematics online for various effects, and I could put that stuff together in no time at all. Then I'm gonna bolt a few switches into various bits of the guitar, and have a custom monstrosity which has a load of built in neat stuff.... Just for fun. Anyway, it's only a pacifica, those things can't feel pain ;o)

Randomly again - revenge... It's a funny thing. I don't quite see the viewpoint that it solves nothing, or that it's childish. Forgiveness is all well and good when appropriate to the situation. I know that in the two occasions where somebody has pushed me that far (and it takes a lot, they did both in their own ways screwed me up for months), taking revenge was ever so sweet. And ever since then, I've been a lot less screwed up - whenever something prompts me to think about certain things I've been through, I just remember that ultimately, justice was done, and I feel better about it. It's a cruel way of going about getting it, but I needed piece of mind, and when it comes down to it, I was nothing if not fair.

If only I had a bit of cash behind me..... And a knowledge of a few more foreign languages than just French, German, Spanish and Russian (the latter two hardly at all, just enough to scrape by, and the former two hardly well either...). Right now, I could really go out and do something, I'm motivated enough, I just haven't got any way of doing that... I'd love so much to go to another country, spend some time there, do writing on things. If I knew the language and had the money, I would've flown out to Pakistan a few weeks ago, to get an idea of local feeling and stuff - I wasn't exactly scared of the war situation, although the idea of Islamic militants kidnapping and killing me wasn't the nicest one. Still, it's the sort of thing I'd really love to do - go somewhere that other people don't especially feel like being any more, and give a fresh perspective...

Speaking of going elsewhere, perhaps that would be a bad thing - I'm sure it would be detrimental to my accent, which is already rather weird. People have identified spots of London, Manchester (or generic northern, if you like), American, and Australian, depending on who I'm talking to. I dunno how they creep in, but it's weird - when I buy things in shops, I tend to use my ultra-polite voice, which is more or less the accent I was brought up on, my posh one. But when chatting to people, I tend to slip into some sort of weird combination of various accents...
[16:58:37] <Jamie> BTW, TMA
[16:58:41] <Jamie> You're gonna love Mel for this
[16:58:49] <Jamie> She said she can hear bits of Australian in my voice
[17:01:15] <TMA> *YES*
[17:01:18] <TMA> I knew it
[17:01:21] <TMA> You aussie get
So that's made him happy... I won't deny it though, sometimes I even catch myself doing it. But I've no idea why. Spending 1/10th of the last year in the US explains the American, and my friends can account for my northern and London bits, but Australia? The only Australian I've really spoken to in my whole life would be Chris, and that was just a phone call one time. But I do know that after 20 seconds talking to him, I was already slipping into an accent - perhaps I'm just really susceptible to Aussie accents as a result of having watched Neighbours since forever.... :o)

Anyway, I'm thinking of having Pizza Hut tonight - I deserve it after my exam this morning, and I'm damned hungry...

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Found your livejournal on random. Thought I'd say hi. HI!
And, do you realize you're probably the only livejournal user that isn't going through a life-altering crisis right now? lol

I tend to at least try to keep the angst down to a minimum...

London? As in... as in British accent? Maybe? Possibly? :O

London is one of many British accents, yes... Likewise Manchester, and my normal accent - all British (since I do live in England and all...)

Argh. That's too much. I can't handle it.

You wouldn't happen to have any tall, dark and handsome British boys to send my way, now would you? ::Angelic smile.::

That livejournal picture is HOT...


Are you saying that to wind me up? ;o)

Wow, so much stuff, so little space... This entry has touched so many things I want to respond to!

Revenge: To me there is a distinction between revenge and justice. I think, particularly in the last year or so, many people (including me) have been calling for the US and others to watch their step in this "War on Terror" and to avoid just trying to get revenge. There is no question that people want justice to be served, however. What makes the distinction to me is the degree to which it is escalated. For instance, what if the people that you got revenge on decided to get revenge on YOU for that, and then you retaliated, etc etc etc. On a large scale, that's when you end up with something like the Israli-Palestine problem. It's not about race/political relations, it's about "Those dirty bastards killed my uncle so I will kill their sons" and on and on and on.

If somebody hauls off and punches me while I'm walking down the street and then runs away, I will shrug it off and keep walking, because why bring more senseless violence into the world? If that same person punched me and then continued to hit me, I would fight back and make sure they couldn't come after me when I walked away. You retaliated for whatever reason, and now you're done. That, in my eyes, is not a problem.

Travel: I've always wished I had enough money (and more linguistic knowledge) to travel a lot. If I could afford it, I would travel and go to school forever. There is so much that I want to understand, so many things I need to experience to do so. I would like to go to many places that are not common travel destinations. I would like to see and understand the way life is for people far removed from the realm of my own experience.

Accents: I think, for whatever reason, that some people just tend to pick up accents more easily than others. Throughout my life, I have picked up accents very quickly and without meaning to do so. I attribute it in part to the fact that my father's family comes from upstate New York and my mother's family from various parts of the Southern US - both areas known for pretty distinct accents. Being with any of my extended family, I would almost immediately start to talk like them. This has resulted in an odd combination - I talk fast like a New Yorker but I drawl my words slightly at the same time. As I got older, I began to notice the effect that outside influences have on my accent. Halfway through a movie about southern women, I was talking with a true southern accent (something most actors don't imitate very well). When my Scottish friend gets drunk, her accent becomes quite strong, and if I'm with her at the time, I will start to talk just like her. People have somtimes thought I was making fun of them by imitating their accents when we're in conversation.

And externally, people hear all sorts of things in my voice. I answer phones for a living, and almost weekly, somebody will ask me if I am from New York (only somebody who is from the area themselves will catch it tho). I've always been told I have a hard-to-place accent because it tends to roam so much when I talk.

Record your voice for all to hear online, yes?

Ach so, du kannst auf Deustch sprechen?

Wow, 4 languages besides English, I should learn more too, but I'm much too afraid of butchering it and annoying people that actually speak it... kinda like the way some people mess up Mandarin and I, myself, get annoyed...

Yeah, but not much. Enough to just about get by... And I can say things in Russian but can't understand it. And I can understand things in Spanish but can't speak it. It's irritating ;o)

Yeah, same with my Taiwanese, I can understand it, but I can't speak it... anymore... and my Japanese, well, seeing how I'm just learning it, I can't do much with it...

I found a load of schematics online for various effects, and I could put that stuff together in no time at all. Then I'm gonna bolt a few switches into various bits of the guitar

I am so scared :)

Heh.... I figure I can just stick a few switches and dials onto the head of the guitar on the opposite side to the tuning peg things.... It'll look so bad ;o)

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