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Some people should stop being whining little madams and get on with sodding off when you give them a hint...

Sometimes, it's hard to update your journal, because suddenly very grown-up things are happening in my life, and while I personally live mine in a childish and therefore journal-friendly way, other people do not. And when my life is greatly affected by the actions of those I love and care about, I can't keep everyone updated about that, because it's not fair on those people. To the person I phoned earlier - this doesn't necessarily mean you, it just means everything in general here right now.

When you have two girls on your bed who want to sleep there the night, at 5am, and you really really want to sleep because you have a 9:15am lecture the next day that you must attend, it should be understandable for you to tell them to fuck off. Especially if they have been occupying it for a couple of hours, and you're really getting tired and need rest. As a result, I only got three hours' sleep, yet they feel indignant about my reaction. Fuck 'em, if they want to piss me off, then by all means let them, but don't fuck with my sleeping patterns.

The Smiths damn well rule. In addition, other artists that rule include (but are not limited to) The Pixies, Vangelis, Everclear, Moby, Live... Not necessarily in that order.

Jobs are good. Especially in the context of them directly relating me, in the capacity of paying me money to do "things". No, I'm not talking about male prostitution, despite how likely such a career path is for me (apparently). I am, in fact, talking about going to work at Systech again. I phoned up today, spoke to Bryan, and managed to get my old job back starting Monday within about 20 seconds. The great thing about talking to a very busy managing director is that he generally hasn't got time to talk much, and thus needs to make a quick decision. And, since he is busy, this decision is most likely to be that he would like somebody helping out in the test department. Woo, back in the money :o)

Amazon get on my tits sometimes. They sent me a nice �3 gift certificate, which I thought was jolly nice of them, but it ran out on the 10th. So, on the 11th, I go online and buy a load of Christmas presents for people, but unfortunately, since it's expired, do not use my certificate. 30 minutes after ordering, they send me an e-mail which extends the expiry date of the �3 certificate. Now, I know �3 may not be much to most people, but it's a double brandy and a half of coke to me, and that's a lot. That's half a night out, if things continue the way they have been. I've not been drunk in quite a while, which is nice...

Food rules. I'm going out to get food as soon as possible, because of its nutritional value, and the fact that it tastes yummy. I'm practically out of food, since I've eaten all the chicken, and most of the bolognese in the fridge. I will probably buy bread, Mars Drink, perhaps some more cheese (out of that too), and assorted chocolates. In total, my purchases should come to less than �5, and they will last me for more than a couple of days - this, to my mind, represents sound fiscal planning, and should be reason enough for me to be able to afford a guitar come Christmas.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is still one of the most bodacious pieces of cinematic genius... I watched it the other night (shortly before watching Holy Grail - also great). Still gotta love the whole thing, Keanu is great in it, the way of talking is totally non-bogus, and just generally rules on the whole. Woo :o)

Now I'm listening to Vangelis - Tears in the Rain. Oh my God, it's such a sad piece of music. I watched that particular part of Blade Runner last night on the DVD. It's just so beautiful, that whole bit, and the dove, when it flies up into the blue sky, oh my God.... So emotional. Love that film too :o)

Right now, I think I'd probably best get offline, before I run up a bit bill. Be excellent to each other...

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Just got this in my inbox:

"Season's greetings from"

"We noticed you haven't redeemed the GBP 3.00 gift certificate we sent
you last month, so to give you more time to make your choices we've
extended the expiry date to December 19th 2000. Your new gift certificate
claim code and redemption instructions are at the bottom of this email."

So that put may of put a dampner on your £3 voucher me-do.

Or prolly not...

"When you have two girls on your bed who want to sleep there the night......"

A fantasy that many 19yr old chaps only dream about. Of course, you could always sleep in one of their rooms, or does that defeat their intentions? Don't answer, on the grounds that you may incriminate yourself

Alex and Harry were basically sprawled on my bed, and I'd just had a seriously bad evening with things I'm not at liberty to discuss, and so I was a bit short with them, unfortunately. They just wanted to sleep there for the night, and I made them leave. I feel well guilty :o(

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