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Exam went well..... I'm so sleepy right now... Bed time for a bit, I think... If anybody is interested, I did more satire, located here...

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Can you recommend somewhere to go for the people who aren't interested??


I'm sure I can think of somewhere you can go ;oP

Do I have to make my choice now.. or can I wait until I know all the options?

I think there's only really one place... ;o)


Please tell me you're not gonna send me to Birmingham ;-)

Almost.... Wolverhampton.

Thats still too close for my liking.

Current music: - Track 04

i LOVE that song!"!!1


Track 09 is much better...

Dude! No way!
Track 09 is, like, mine FAVOURITE SONGGGTG!!11


We should be brothers!!!!

Sorry for laughing so much, but it's your fault anyway. yes I read some of that..good stuff..very funny. I almost fell out the chair maybe ..hehehe

anonymous cruiser the satire, you wouldnt know of any satire webpages? only thing i read so far is

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