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... on second thought, a sleep might be good right now.

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too much sleep can be a bad thing::nods::

gives me headaches...

*Understands* I get some uncomfortable feelings after sleeping to much....

LOL when i read your comment quickly, I thought you said a sheep might be good right now! glad i misread it

Its your filthy mind!

Ah, sleep... Tis the food of the gods to be sure...

No, that's why they just eat it


I love that picture of you :)

and yay.. Corey Taylor!

continuing from the last post..

Infact, I think you should change your default picture to one of those (like the above)

- You letter better imo
- It looks more like you
- I like the colours in it
- Not as 'tarty' as you like to say ;) so you won't get thousands of random 14 year olds going

"omg! ur so hott!!!! im gona move 2 Ingland RITE N0W!!!1 i nefer relized such howt guyys lived their!!!1"

etc, but you still look hot. Its just... well, better, hehe.

The above one is probably the best photo I have seen of you :)
You should have that, or one similar to it (with the colours like that!)

Thats just what I think anyways :P


going to bed now

speak to you tomorrow (good luck)

love you,

Re: continuing from the last post..

What, this one? Okay, done :o)

Re: continuing from the last post..

Oh, and in case it doesn't go without saying - I love you too sweetie :o)


Breakfast time, then exam... Hope you're having sweet dreams right now :o)

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