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Hmm... I have a feeling that the number of text messages I send per day has a relationship to how well I can play guitar. Ever since I've been texting a lot, my guitar playing has just improved so much. And studies have showed that sending lots of text messages improves dexterity. Whatever the reason, I'm improving so much lately...

The football commentary earlier was funny... They went off on a tangent for ages about how in the Olympics, the Americans got the Korean speed skating winner disqualified and stripped of his medal or something, which was partly why the crowd were so against the yanks. Then they started talking about how the crowd would also be mad because South Korea gave a defence contract to an American firm, despite them not being the most competitive contenders... The whole thing turned quite political, and I couldn't help but wonder what your average football lout was thinking about it :o)

Anyhow, I have an exam on Non Symbolic AI tomorrow, so I should revise... After food, and guitar playing, and writing more on LJ.... :o)

Random: Oh, and David and I have fought our way to the top of the Meme page by simply just waiting for all the other links to just die out... Odd that it doesn't update daily any more....


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