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Oh well, the game finished 1-1, which is more or less all the Americans deserved.... Good defending, some good chances, but not really enough...

Anyhow, in a rare moment, the sun is actually shining in through my window. Time to take advantage of that with some naked sunbathing.... As you do..... :o)

*makes sure webcam is definitely off*

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The match was aired at 220am in DC. My friends and I stayed up with some coffee and tacos. It woulda been nice if the US team won though, deserved or not. But Korea, they had so many more chances to score.

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They didn't miss, they had it saved - the difference being that it was skill on the part of the goalie, rather than player error :o)

Dutch people are cool as hell. Maybe Korea just blows.

Ozjish thinks the Dutch suck.... He's mean like that....

I'm not dutch but my stepmom is, and shes pretty damn cool. And Holland legally sells they must not be all bad.

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Hah...I completely agree.

oh my god you are so hot!!!!!!! i randomly found your journal during school and me and like 6 girls are drooooooling!

Let me guess - 7th grade?


*lol* now wouldnt that just be typical of them *smiles and nods* mhm..
heh later
~the random Lauren~

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