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BTW, Matt, the tickets arrived, but I was at my exam so I couldn't sign for them, so they're at the post office at the end of my road. No big deal, I'll get them on Monday when it opens... Thanks again :o)

Anyhow, our survey says that I'm not fun to talk to or be with, so I think I'm gonna go off and do something....

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Excellent! Although a little odd, given the woman at the Post Office said that it wouldn't get to you until Monday at the earliest... Still, can't complain about that :P

Well I got something by registered post.... :o)

Well, aren't you the lucky one?

Yes, for it is a Reading Ticket :o)


Thanks, the money will be on its way shortly :o)

> Thanks, the money will be on its way shortly :o)

Whew! May the spirits speed it through the postal system!

I think I'm finally realising what it's like to reach the end of my savings...

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