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Yeesh, you have a couple of drinks, lose all coordination when typing (although still seek to spell some words correctly), and everybody thinks it's life threatening.... For everybody's information, I said nothing embarassing to anybody, I don't feel ill, and I can remember everything I did. 'twasn't anything major....

So, to recap events... Came back from my exam, bought vodka, drank vodka, spoke to Maja (re: Croatian team beating Italy 2-1), then posted to LiveJournal, then went to the shop to buy butter and peanut butter, then spoke to Jess, then ate 8 slices of toast, then watched end of Brazil game (4-0), then spoke to Jess again, played lots of guitar, then spoke to Mel, then got a bit sleepy, then posted perhaps my shortest (but not least informative) entry on LJ ever, then had a nap.

And to reiterate, I don't feel ill. My head is fine, I don't feel sick, and all in all, everything is fine. Apparently people can't have a drink without others worrying about them (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but on this occasion there's nowt to worry about :o)

I have decided that Vodka is good, simply because half a bottle (enough to get me drunk) is only like £3.50, which is more or less the cost of one drink (perhaps two if they're cheap) at a pub. Much better way to do it, I'm sure....

It was great talking to Adam and Tom again - last time I saw Adam was the week before I went home for Easter (i.e. the beginning of March), and I'd not seen Tom since our maths presentations (probably around the same time actually). As far as I know, none of us have really been attending much, which is reassuring - practically none of the Maths and Artificial Intelligence people have actually gone to anything. No wonder they didn't kick me out - they'd have to kick out most of the people on the course if they did :o)

Anyhow, onto other things (such as another nap, probably).... More later....

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You like Finch? that's so cool, i love that band. Hardly anyone i've talked to has heard of them. Rock on :)

They rule :o)

home, bored and using the time to comment on everything

I have decided that Vodka is good, simply because half a bottle (enough to get me drunk) is only like £3.50

oz: i hear its cheaper in the suburbs of moscow. white russians are my fav drink. try some

siggy: i have decided vodka is bad for exactly the same reasons

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