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I did my exam... It was n't s o bad... At the end of the day, I think I did okay in it... WQasn't too fiddifuclt. Uh, that word is fidduclf. fuck




Right. Got it. After the eaxms. i was still feelign al ot of pressure, so I bought me a bottle ov fodka. It's half gone noe, which is a good start... :)

Anbyhjow, despite the fact that I was pisse by noon, everyitnh is fine. The exams, as I said, was okay. I could answrwe two of the quetions (which is all I;'m meant to do), and should have scored okay in it.

Saw Adam and Tom for th4e first time in months. The hree of us haven't actually ben in the same place i about 4 months, which is quite something. All of us seem to think we're above lectures, and the fact that we did fine in the exam kinda backs that up, but there we go. Wpow, that sentence was typined fine. Oh sod it. I can't type,. and I con't care enough to sue the backspace. Heh, suie/. I meant use.

As I said. Fuck this. Time bo buy cooking ingredients. I need food.

PS Jess rulez

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Drunk? Pah! Psychosomatic!

Glad to hear it went okay.

I did. Now drinking more Vodka :o)

Hehehe I couldn't resist this Jaems -
TheUnknownJames: Is that because I can spell, or use punctuation, or type without hitting the keys in a random order?

I s'pose you think being drunk is a trendy excuse! Hehehehehe! ;0)

Yes. I am drunk, thus trendy ;o)

Watch now as I hit keys in random order


yeah, I rule!




At least now ur done w/ 'em right? A tiny break from the stress, perhaps... Did you have fun getting smashed? I personally dont care for it... makes me bitchy... but neway... congratz..

No, I'm done with the first of ten....

ha ha! you too type like a monkey randomly hitting keys when drunk!

victory for danuek! ;D

Hardly. See, when I spell words wrong, I still make an effort to correct myself ;o)

It's Jaems, and it's true. I saw you at the keyboard at Mel's, you were just hitting keys and not caring. I, on the other hand, always care enough to try to correct myself :o)

ah, but if i'm at home its a different story. you must know how it is, playing up to a crowd ;)

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