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Well, I'm at Uni, in one of the computing labs... Shockingly, at 8:40am on a Saturday, there's hardly anybody in these things - how odd.... There are three other people in this room, and since it's the one with the fast black Pentium III systems, I'd guess this is all the people who are on campus. If anybody is in another room, they're being stupid - this is where the computer speed is at :o)

So, this exam - do I feel ready? I think I do. Mostly. I've a lot of nerves, but much of it just stems from the idea of exams, rather than this one in particular... After all, this is the first exam in what are arguably the hardest exams I have ever, or will ever, have to take. Last year's were a doddle compared to these, and next year's will be easier - I'll have fewer finals, and they won't stick the hardest four on consecutive days.

So yeah, the pressure is getting to me a little, and is stressing me out. Right now, I'm just taking a look at my coursework marks to see what I need to get in the exams to pass - waiting for the page to load. And the prognosis is...


Well, I mean, it's not that bad... Basically, the system dictates that to pass the year, I need an average of 30% across all AI subjects, and 30% across all Maths subjects. My current coursework in AI averages out at about 27%, and that's with at least one piece yet to be marked. So in theory, all I require is a 30% type performance in all exams, and I'll pass. Looked at individually, in this subject I have an average of 42.5% - if I want to pass NLP, I require 17.5% in this exam. I, uh, think I can do that. I hope. But it'd be nice to get more in this module, to make the others easier...

So really, so long as I can answer one half of one question, I've passed this module. And on all the past papers, I could do double that. It just remains to be seen whether I can do it on this paper, or whether the universe is about to screw me. Here's hoping....

All in all though, I'm feeling good. The fact that I only require 30% to pass is a relief, since 40% might actually be beyond my reach with my current level of work... I could certainly get 40% in some of the modules, but others would be rather a lot harder. And with my reasonable coursework in AI (well, pass-mark coursework), and my excellent Mathematics coursework, I ought to be okay. Well, I'm feeling better about it all, anyway...

And with half an hour to go, it's time to read a couple of last minute things, and then go face the music....

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Hmm... ya I took a quiz too...


gosh, I think there's too much time on peoples' hands... makin' and takin' quizzes... But you're clever. Keep up the good work. Anyway, good luck on those finals; yeah, they're a bitch sometimes.


PS Dude, maf is hhhhorible... how can u stand it???

Re: Hmm... ya I took a quiz too...

Making the quiz took about half an hour - wasn't that hard ;o)

Re: Hmm... ya I took a quiz too...

haha... okay. Well, if you got anymore, keep'em comin'.

laters ;)

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