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Right, time for bed.... My earliest bedtime in weeks... Exam in nine and a half hours... Will be lying in bed with revision material, trying to work through it before I sleep.... Alarms all set....

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looks like you have a LOT of loyal readers... randomly popping in. okay, leaving now. bye

Good luck on the exam(s?)...

holy fucking shit if that's your pic your fucking hot!!!! my friend autumn, Kacie and I all think your fucking hott and would like yo fuck you brians out!!!!!

My Brians are unwilling to come out right now

oh geez, I'm really sorry for posting that... we were all kind of smashed last night and we stumbled upon you livejournal and you are really cute so we decided to tell you...

YOu are wicked, fucking hot. And you are British. the accent is always a plus.

You know, that's exactly what I thought when I first saw his user pic, I was like " OMG!!! YUMMY!!!" and so I added him. But then, after a while, after I've seen his other pics, he just doesn't appeal to be as attractive as he first seemed (to me).

But guess what!!! I actually learned to like his journal. I mean,'s just really interesting and all...

so READ HIS JOURNAL instead of just drooling over his pic...that just won't get u anywhere...

it might -_^

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