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Hmm... Vanity moment, but I just caught sight of my upper body in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised. I've gone from being so painfully skinny that you could count my ribs easily to actually... well... not being that skinny. And rather than fat, it seems that my bones are now concealed with actual muscle - how novel (for me)...

Speaking of public nudity (as I loosely was), I seem to wander around the house in various states of undress a lot more lately... Harry (one of the girls from the aforementioned story, actually) has gone home for the summer, so that's one less person wandering around the house at night. Alex is unlikely to be up at this hour, so I don't have to worry about her seeing me walking around in boxers. Claire has seen worse than that, so she wouldn't care. And Jimbo, well, he can just put up with it.

Funny thing about Jimbo... I've lived with him for two years now, been good friends with him, but on a lot of levels we're not very close. Neither of us is comfortable being in each others' presence without enough clothes (I don't think we've seen each other in boxers more than a couple of times), and we're just fairly distant. Unlike me and david, who have probably spent less than two weeks total in each others' company, yet generally just hang out together in boxer shorts because clothes require effort, and have shared a bed (for sleeping only, I hasten to add) before... Just very different styles of friendship I guess...

Anyhow, time to go eat grilled cheese, I think... I could do with some food....

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I'd make pasta, but i'd wake everyone up with the pans.
oh, sorry *cough*

i fink ur hott
a/s/l sxy jammee
i fink ur lj rulez 2, ur kool

i'm moving.......

u sound really hott me and my friend decided we are moving to the UK there are so many hot guys there unlike the US they are all the same

Re: i'm moving.......

Good plan.............

Lucky you, I get made fun of because I'm so skinny, not necessarily the bad way, but still...

I'm a skinny fux0r. It's been proven.

Anyhow, time to go eat grilled cheese, I think... I could do with some food....

No wonder you can't see your ribs so much anymore!

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