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Okay, am in Uni - it's kinda weird, every time I come back here it feels odd, because... well... because I'm rarely here. I printed off all the past papers on the subjects that are coming up in the next little batch, and I'm gonna take them home and process them and look at the sort of things I need to know...

Given that the next train is in half an hour, I've been looking at Saturday's exam. The 1999 paper looks fairly simple - I think I could get 50% on it well enough with a bit of revision. It's an "Answer two of three questions" paper, and questions 1 and 2 aren't so bad. Question three looks do-able, if I had to... Either way, I could get some marks on this paper... Moving on, the 2000 paper question one is fairly simple...

"You are given the following sentences..
a) Write a context free grammar that generates these sentences (and a reasonably small set of similar ones). [25%]
b) Are there redundancies in the grammar? What kind of grammar formalism could remedy these redundancies, and how? [25%]"

That seems fairly straightforward, I could do that. Question Two is about Treebanks, which I'd have to look up again - not encouraging. Question three, likewise, is difficult. But on this paper, I could probably get away with a really good answer to question one - I have an hour and a half to do it in.

Then there's the 2001 paper. This is a bitch of a paper, and if I get one this difficult, I'm going to bloody well scream. Question One is all about pronoun resolution, and is evil. Question Two is about Semantic Interpretations. Question Three is actually quite nice (odd for a final question to be nice), and is similar to a piece of coursework I did. I could probably get 40% on this paper before revision...

The other subjects look difficult, but do-able. Of all of them, Natural Language Processing is probably the one I have the most natural flair for, so it's a nice exam to start off the whole process with... Just have to revise those topics I don't quite remember, and then I should be set. Hopefully it'll all go well...

Thankfully, the Programming subjects (which would be difficult) are sufficiently complex in material that you're not expected to code anything - you'd need a Java reference in the exam to come up with something good. Therefore, it's just about the design of the software, without language-specific references. This I can do, I used to program in Basic when I was a kid, and can generally think of how to write programs, even if I can't actually do it. Should be okay, when it comes down to it. The only tricky one is Non Symbolic AI, and all the material is on the web anyway, so.....

Well, enough chatter - it looks like it's quarter to ten, which means the next train should be getting to the station in quarter of an hour. Time for me to pack up my many many many pieces of paper, and make a move...

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hi, my name's lily. you're gorgeous... but you probably get that alot. im not a user from livejournal, other wise you could see a pic of me. sorry. xoxo

hi, its lily again... and sorry for saying you're hot, i was reading your previous journal entries and you said that the people who usually call you hot were 14 year olds who loved nsync... and im 19 and i live in America. but sorry anyway. xoxo

Do you like N'Sync?

You must really enjoy all this attention. I crack up laughing at all the girls that fall to your feet. I am once again bored.. So, I decided to come read if anyone responded to what I said.. came to my surprise someone had. Woooow. Go me!!

I dunno if "enjoy" is the right word, but it certainly keeps me amused :o)

Just serfing through the livejournals. Good to see a guy with substance for a change- and one that can actually write. I, myself and one of those that cannot write, cuz when I do noone bothers to finish reading it haha. Too many big words me thinks. Anyway, just saying hey I guess.

you were supposed to tell me when you came onto the campus, heh. :P

It was 9:15pm, I had to print off some past papers, then come straight home. I'd've popped in if it were a more sensible hour, and if I weren't constrained by late train times :o)

ahh, fair enough guv, i'll let you off... this time! ;)

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