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Right, time to nip off to Uni... Quarter of an hour to get to maths, half an hour doing work, quarter of an hour back home again, simple....

Got lots and lots of work to print off... Hope I have enough credit on my account (I should do, I put about twenty quid in there during the first week of Uni and have barely dented that...)

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Woah, yer mucho hoto haha, I got here by the mental age quiz, love the eyebrow piercing too ;]

Thanks, much appreciated :o)

OK, here's a question from across the pond: why do Brits call it "Maths" instead of just "Math?" I suppose that there are different fields of mathematics, but the extra "s" certainly isn't consistent if that's the case. I study several fields of philosophy, but that doesn't mean that my major subject is "philosophies."


You said it yourself - many different fields of "mathematics". It's always called "mathematics", plural. Ergo, the abbreviation, in order to maintain consistency, must also be the plural "maths". I have a longer response, but I have a train to catch - expect a more comprehensive overview in half an hour or so... :o)

Further to what I said before, there are reasons for calling it "math" or "maths". For starters, if you consider it "mathematical science", then "math" would obviously be the appropriate abbreviation. However, in the case of "mathematics", a plural, the abbreviation ought to also be a plural. However, given that it is always a plural (the word "mathematic" isn't exactly used much), it could be possible to exclude the S, because it is implied, if you like.

There are entire essays devoted to the subject. Personally, I call it different things at different times, seemingly randomly, so I don't really mind :o)

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