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So much for revision... It turns out that it's a lot more fun to hang out with Jimbo, listening to Mint Royale, talking about the football, and playing Frisbee. I think it's pretty much a certainty that I'll be joining the university's Ultimate Frisbee team next year - all their good players are leaving at the end of this year, and they'll be needing people. And since I've been to a couple of practices, play it with Jimbo quite a bit, know the rules, and can usually throw a decent disc, it'd be easy for me to do...

Of course, when playing outside, I often screw up a bit because of the wind, but indoors, I rule... And my hand-eye coordination is getting a lot better - it was only bad the other week because I'd not played in months. Jimbo and I were just having a good chuck around, practicing new throws. In addition to the standard backhand throw, I think I can now do three different forehand ones (one off my finger, one off my thumb, one just holding the rim), and three overhead ones... Which is gonna come in handy, since most of the new recruits next year will only be able to do the one.

Anyhow, we stopped playing after various fixtures in the room were in serious danger of getting damaged (we kept doing lunatic throws, trying out new techniques and stuff, and a lot of the shots were pretty inaccurate)... Anyhow, just about time for some food, and then I may well go to Uni to print off some work to use for revision....

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(i got here through the mental age thing too.)

:) . . . ~Tanya

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