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Right, well I'm awake, that's a good start. Had the weirdest dream where I was in Eastenders. Me and various other members of the cast were running through this underground network of tunnels. Then we got to this big hall, and Mel was dressed up as a wedding cake, and I realised they were gonna kill and eat her. The ringleader was Trevor, so me, Jimbo and Claire assaulted him with various cutlery... As I recall, I poked his eyes out with forks. Thus dies anybody who tries to kill and devour my girlfriend ;o)

Oh, there was also a dream where I was a Jedi, but I get those a lot (or did when I was younger), so.... Anyhow, the plan for today is reasonably simple - revise NLP until it's coming out of my ears. I understand the subject matter - it's all about grammatical construction and stuff... This should hopefully be one of the easier exams (given that I have some really evil ones coming up)... This is one of the few subjects where I actually managed to do the second piece of coursework comfortably, which is certainly a plus point...

And naturally I shall play guitar a lot today, as per - a few hours of practice every day does one a world of good. Plus, I always need breaks from studying, because it's likely to do my head in... My faith in my ability to produce even semi-decent vocals has left me, so I'm not thinking of recording any songs in the near future. Plus, at some point, I have to give the bass guitar back to Mark, certainly before the holidays. Which means less depth to anything I record anyway, at least until I get home...

I might also do something wild, and tidy my room - lately, I've been having the weirdest mood swings, it's starting to annoy me. I can be fine for ages, and then suddenly snap and be really depressed for about ten minutes, then be fine again. Not that the state of my room is responsible, but having a really tidy room will make me a bit happier, which might make the bouts of depression a little less severe. You never know. Either that, or I want to escape studying by actually tidying my room, in which case it just goes to show how much I really hate studying ;o)

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your girlfriend is really ugly ,as are you. your picture is good but that video tape is horrible...nice teeth

*i would advise everyone who thinks he is hott to go to his user info and watch the video tape he made of himself. you will most likely laugh cuz you once thought he was a god and now you wil realize how UGLY he is.

that'll be all


Cute. I wanna keep you.

oh ok. the least you could do is be modest about how you THINK you look. stop talking so much shit about your damn ego. even if your girlfriend is but ugly you shouldnt treasure your ego more than her. and your quizzes suck so i guess your not as smart and clever as you think you are. ha you suck at life, why dont you just commit?

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Just browsing through journals..Cuz im kinda up early..And I just thought id say hey ! :o)


Ummm, thanks for saving me.. hehe :)

Never really introduced myself, I'm Kat...

If you are going to tidy your room, wanna help me with mine?

God no - one room is enough ;o)

well....fine! i'll still add you to my friends list...quite an interesting journal!

Hey...umm...I don't think you're supposed to help his ego there, hun.

I'm sure it is already big enough...heh, heh.

Mmm...BTW- By my opinion, I think that you should stick with the pictures that show a side of you face...such as your icon.

Center isn't any good for you...*smirks*

You're right, a lot of people do type hott, is that some English thing?

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