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Second Fun Night
Again, no details. My best efforts to keep my journal from people are slowly failing - Vicky knows of its existence, Harry has known of its existence for ages and read it earlier (selected extracts, at least)... As such, its only a matter of time before they all find it, so no gory details. Sorry kids. However, anyhow, onto the non-gory details...

Well, yes, it happened again. The thing with Harry now comes second in my list of longest relationship-type-things. Alex, Liz, Jo, none of them lasted more than 24 hours... :o) Anyhow, afterwards, we decided that the whole situation is just pants, and instead we'll just be really good friends. I am, in fact, OK with this. And it comes just in time for Claire's visit tomorrow, leaving me free to do as I please (joke!!).

Anyway, don't have much else to say, really... Just wanted to update y'all on the situation. Fun while it lasted, but now I get to have a really great friend, which is just as good :o)

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Don't start to censor yourself. Use "friends only" for some posts. I enjoy reading your antics and I'd be a bit upset if they stopped. Don't 'cha know.

Re: Security

or if like whta happened to me you'll have to go the whole hog, my folks found out and got mad, all my mates found out and laughed, thank god be the day when you can block certain computers from reading it!

- Paul

I hope that James' parents wouldn't "go mad" but you never can tell.........:-0


Alright Jim. What's this I hear from Schurch about this bird you pulled?

Figure it out, Phil :o)

Re: Birds

Who's phil? hmmmm. Anyway I am too stupid to figure out who you pulled and don't have time to read your journal to find out. Especially as it is so chocked full of girls, it will take ages.


Glad this all has settled down in to something sort of near normal and that a desicion has been made(!) Take care Becca %-)

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