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If sleep wants me, it can come and get me
Tonight has been reasonably uneventful... Frozen pizza, toast, chatting to Jimbo and Claire a bit... The usual stuff... I'd write something mammoth here, but I'll leave that for tomorrow, when I take a break in my Natural Language Processing revision. So I shall leave you with this poll, in order to determine what I write about tomorrow - audience participation is fun :o)

Poll #38594 What should Jamie write about?

Write about...

... the time you were homeless in Manhattan on Christmas Day
... the time you dumped your girlfriend for her best friend on Christmas Eve
... the Monarchy, and why it is that they're actually a good thing
... Religion, we don't hear enough of your odd pagan ways
... where you went on holiday as a kid, with plenty of imagery
... music, in some context or another

Suggest Your Own

And with that, I shall start taking the necessary steps required to eventually get me to bed....

  • 1 get a lot of that wow you're hot crap don't you? although you're attractive, I like your journal and the way your personality is portrayed through what you have to say. I find it sort of sad when girls throw themselves at guys with endless compliments on their physical looks.

it's crazy ;o) and I've seen him :oP

(kidding :o) )

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
i stumbled across your livejournal and ur hot. im adding you to my friends list coz i need more hot friends. cheers!


oh and that wasnt endless compliments, it was one compliment. dont expect anymore, we dont want ur ego to blow up too big :D

don't worry, he doesn't need your help for that one :oP

Re: david Expand

Can you brits help me out with something!??!

Every single person from England that either posts to AMP or whose LJ i read talk about revisions. I've obviously figured out it has something to do with school but...

WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE REVISIONS?!?!?! (Askes the stupid American who also had to ask Mel what the hell registration was)!

I'm assuming we here in the states have to have something similiar to it, but the only think i can think of is that it is homework. But I don't think that is right... so please...


Re: Can you brits help me out with something!??!

Oh lordy!

At the risk of appearing slightly pedantic:

re·vi·sion Pronunciation Key (r-vzhn)
The act or process of revising


Okayyyyy@ this "Hott" shit

I got bored and saw this link on the "How old are you mentally" thing. And I decided to click and post since I am bored.

It lies! I swear the test lies!! My friend is 13 and got Mentally 20. Yes, she is really mature and all..but damn! I am 18 and it says I act 18. I can understand that. *Fluffs her hair a bit.* But now my friend wont shut up about her being older mentally. And it SUCKS. So.. it lies!!

BTW. I am from England too.. And it ROCKS!(Even though a lot of England girls are skanky! Skanky I tell you.)

Re: Okayyyyy@ this "Hott" shit

ahh don't worry, I mentally scored older than James ;o) He knows what it feels like ;o)

Heh, someone who stays up late, you're interesting enough to add... Just curious, what time do you get up for the day?

As your official James substitute for the duration, he tends to be very nocturnal at the moment, but goes through phases of sleeping either in odd hours, in shifts, or normally, but just tends to stay up later regardless ;o)

Re: david Expand
See, if you don't want to get called hott/hawt/hot/etc ad nauseum, then you just shouldn't put up such an attractive picture. I mean, duh. :) I have to say, though, that you and David do a good job of dispelling the American myth that there are no attractive Brit boys. I've never understood where that one comes from.

I didn't say I don't want to be called it. Just that I don't necessarily agree, that's all :o)

Re: woz Expand

"American Myth?"

I didn't realize that Americans thought that British guys weren't hot. I mean come on, Michael Owen, Jonny Lee Miller, and that little scrawny guy that sings lead in Blur are perfect example of hot British guys. It's not that British guys aren't hot, it's just that they do not know how to dress.

Strangely enough, I find that British women dress far superior to American women, and that's coming from an American woman herself.

Anyway, there is no American myth as far as I knew. At least in Pennsylvania.


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