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How stupid of me.... Again... I managed to screw up the link in my userinfo for the video of me - just missed off a number, but it broke the link. It's been like that for ages, and I never thought to test it - that'll bloody well teach me, won't it... :o) Works now, though...

Exams are starting in just three days - scary stuff... Working hard, but it may yet prove to be not hard enough, in which case the life of a penniless writer awaits me. Sounds better than a life as a rich but unfulfilled mathematician anyway :o)

Anyway, since right at this minute I appear to be incapable of forming anything even remotely like a paragraph, I think I'll wander off in search of food...

you dont know me but my friend took one of the quizzes you made up and i tried to take it too but i ended up here. you are verrrry hott ;)

Thanks very much :o)

dude are you always online? i mean you replied realllly fast...

I wouldn't say always... Just "often" online :o)

Hey there...Your "I act like I'm __" test was cool :)good luck with your exams


you are HOTT!!! i took your age test... it said i act like im 16. how old r u? (really how old, and how old according to ur test) do u have any more tests that u or someone else made? :-) byebye hottie

Thanks. Yeah, there's another one I did here:

I'm 20, the test puts me at various ages depending on how I answer it (which varies)... But usually, the test puts me somewhere between 16 and 22...

i took one of ur tests too...

they seem to be very popular....
it was funny though
i glanced at some of your entries
and i have decided
that you are like the guy version of me
cause we seem to be similair...
it was kinda funny to me..
so maybe we can talk sometime
so if you ever have the time email me or not ;
thats my screen name too
and maybe i'll hear from you sometime

Math major huh? Haha that's grotesque. I thought I was warped by being a chem major...

It's okay though, I don't enjoy it or anything ;o)


interesting quiz... im just a nobody, but i took the test and it was esteem lifting (made me older)... Btw you look -alot- like one of my friends... hehe... uber shway ^,^

Thanks... I.. uh.. think... :o)

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Re: :-p (Anonymous) Expand


good luck on ur exams btw... congratz on ur gitty preformance. :} I wish i could play the piano that well. HA! that would be the day...

My friend

My friend is at university in Brighton. You might know her.

I doubt it.....

Hm. Can I join this "let's stalk Jamie" club? :D?
Everyone comments on your extreme hotness..
So I assume there's a fan club!
Gah, boredom corrupted me. And you're the victim, lucky you :)

I know, but the thing you have to remember, is that most of the people who think I'm hot also think N'Sync make good music, so..... ;o)

U r WelL hOtT
i LOvE uR lJ, iT's ReeElY sXY JuSt LIkE U

u dO mAtHS? tHs wlL CoOL cAn U hLp mE wITH mY hOmEwORk?

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Re: Yet another... (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Yet another... (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Yet another... (Anonymous) Expand
my names steph i took one of your "lil" test thingies it was neat

Re: hi

hi i did too james hold me james
(observe the IP address. ;P)

Well, I could be a sheep and say "Oooh you're yummy" but everyone else seems to be saying that. I must admit though, it was the first thought that came into my head when I saw your picture.

I took the Age test - turned out as 20, although am only 18. Is that good or bad? I'm undecided. I know some worryingly immature 20 year olds. No offence intended.

I am talking such crap. I need to go to bed.

*shakes head and leaves*

*laughs* I've been where you're at. Well, not with J ames. ;) Or anyone on LJ. Everyone tries to think of something witty to say, something that sets them apart from everyone else, but in the end, have they even considered that the person it's aimed toward might not even care? It's true. They might not care if you're the wittiest person on the Internet, or even the planet.

Having said that, I still think it's a weak reason to talk to anyone, because they made a clever quiz. Nobody seemed to like my "I'm a Vulcan Sex Burrito!" quiz -- maybe because it only had one result, maybe because of Spock's ears, maybe because it was secretly a Breakfast Burrito. I'll never know... (I believe three people took it)

you like some awesome music. listen to any nine inch nails? system of a down? you seem really really cool. have a nice day!

Yeah, sometimes, not that much though.... Thanks :o)

(Deleted comment)
I hate mathematics, I wouldn't know what one does, but whatever it is, I don't want to do it. I want to be a writer :o)


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