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Oops - that was rather stupid of me... I managed to get my facts wrong with regard to my exams - turns out Saturday's exam is NLP instead of ILP, and tehrefore, I have to learn Natural Language Processing. I don't have a book on that, but I do have a reasonable working knowledge of it. Not sure right now how I fared on the coursework for it, I think I may have done okay, meaning I only really need to get about 40% on the exam...

Then I've got a break of a few days (well, two), and then I have NonSymbolic AI, Symbolic AI, Computer Vision, Introduction to Logic Programming, and Complex Numbers, all on consecutive days. These are the exams that are either going to kill me, or make me kill myself. Still, can't be helped. I think it's time for a pre-revision nap now... :o)


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