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BTOpenWorld's servers appear to have gone tits up, and thus I can't do DNS lookups. Which means my world is now IP-based. Rather than, I am doing this via, because I can reach the server then... :o)

Anyway, have had a quiet evening in. I would've done some Introduction to Logic Programming revision, only my Internet access being broken meant I couldn't get at the course material. The whole thing seems to be slowly coming back online though now, so with any luck I can get some done before I go to bed (much later).

Earlier on was great - I went to the shops to get some stuff, only they were closed (as suspected, since it's a public holiday), so I just wandered around a bit. The smell in the air was lovely - regardless of whether you're in a city, or out in the countryside, sea air after rain always kinda smells the same. The sea gulls' constant noises were, for once, actually nice, and the whole atmosphere was one of peace and serenity, after a short summer shower. I like that - I wish this place could be that way more often...

For anybody who is concerned, I did finally get my food, so I shan't starve. Well, no more so than usual, anyway :o)

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Damn. I know longer own your ass.

nah, I had first call on that

Finders keepers,
Losers weepers.

I think I'll keep him after all. :P

you don't know me.. just saying hello....

hmm... I stumbled on this..
you're seczee, btw..
have a nice day..

Would anyone here be kind enough to give me a code so I can access this website without paying? (being 15 sucks considerably, no)? Well, if that is a yes I would greatly appreciate it you could E-mail me at Edged or either way I would greatly appreciate the favor...

After though did I spell that correctly?

After thought* Ignorance annoys me my own stupidity scares me

Thanks, you too :o)

Indeed BT Openworld did piss me off too!

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