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We make an exception for animals who are also Ninjas.
Let me think... Last night was great - went to Club New York for a while, which was fun. They played Finch - Project Mayhem, and The Ataris - Teenage Riot, which completely made my night. Mind, it's no surprise, since Shanu was the DJ for the first three quarters of an hour, and he doesn't dare let me down by not playing my requested songs ;o) It was weird, there were so many people there - there were more people before eleven than I've seen there before in my life at any time, I think. Odd... It'd be cool if Shanu being the DJ became a regular thing - then I could just be like "Yeah, my best mate is the DJ", and somehow become credible at a metal club, when I tend to look anything but... ;o)

I've tried setting up an site, which'll allow me to put songs up without worrying about the impact it'll have on my website's bandwidth. Until then, the songs are here:

Ataris Covers
San Dimas High School Football Rules
If You Really Want To Hear About It
Take Me Back
I O U One Galaxy

Dashboard Confessional Covers
Again I Go Unnoticed
Age Six Racer

Perhaps at some point I'll try writing my own songs - I tend to get too hung up on how good the lyrics sound, and how well they stand on their own merit, even when most songs these days don't have lyrics that work without the music. I tend to find that I don't like my own songs if the lyrics don't work also as a poem, which presents a problem, since it just makes it harder. Hey, I could always go the Linkin Park route and rap half of it, eh... ;o)

First exam is on Saturday - I'm a little nervous, I must admit. Introduction to Logic Programming, as I recall. That basically means Prolog, and all that goes with it. I have a fairly good understanding of Prolog (I did 2/3 of the assessed exercises), so with any luck, I can do the first half of the paper easily enough. I'm just a little worried about when it expects me to perform neat little tricks with it - I can think logically fine, but I don't know how to do a lot of things in Prolog. I guess that's why I have £40 worth of "Prolog - Programming for Artificial Intelligence" textbooks... Just a matter of looking at the Past Paper questions, and trying to learn what's on those. Should be enough.

I still maintain that my choice of Maths and Artificial Intelligence for my degree course was a poor one, in light of how I feel about the subject now. At the time it was probably a good idea, but now I just want to write, and the course isn't letting me do that. Oh well, if I pass all my exams, then there's just one year to go, where I'll be ditching a lot of the AI in favour of the (comparatively) easier mathematics.

Anyway, I ought to go prepare dinner for myself - something with little nutritional value would be typical, I think...... :o)

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The J's back to his usual lengthy LJ entries.

For a while I wondered if hell had frozen over... ;)

Heh... I just go through spells where I don't have anything to say, that's all...

... well, I always have something to say. But sometimes I prefer not to bother saying it and boring people :o)

Collaborate, man.
Loads of people write shitloads of dodgy pretentious poetry that works on about 5 levels for song lyrics, and can never be arsed actually making the songs they envisaged.
Not me, though. Your music tastes seem a little less heavy, fast and euphoric than mine ;)
I like the Ataris though, and you cover them well. Haven't got the others yet.
I'm on I have two instrumental tracks there, as of last week, when they were FINALLY approved. I'm not paying those bastards a penny ;)

You must be British. lol

And you must not be :P
was that an insult? ;-E

Not at all. Just another uncultured yank trying to translate the world. >:D

This is kind of random, but I found your journal through that online test you made the, "what age are you," quiz. heh. I recently said that online tests were a waste of time, but I couldn't resist the one that you made. I change my mind way too frequently. Anyway, I'm very impressed with your life style. I was into computers for a very very long time, but a lot of things about them were over my head. I would still like to learn how to program well, but I no longer have the desire to 'stay on top' of what's happening in the tech industry/scene. My interests slowly swayed from computers to writing, and I feel much more successful as a writer than I did as a geek chic, heh..However, I'm still impressed whenever I meet someone who's very skilled with computers. Sorry, I'm kind of blabbering here.. I just thought you sounded very intelligent and interesting. You rarely find people who are talented in both mathamatics and writing. I'm not good at math at all heh..

Keep up the good work.

I recently said that online tests were a waste of time, but I couldn't resist the one that you made

No, really, they are a waste of time, trust me. Especially mine ;o)

As for being talented at math - we'll just see after my exams, won't we... I have a suspicion that I may be proved rather untalented :o)

Just browsing journals and yours came up. But... like... you should put up your poems and songs and stuff up on your journal. I love reading that stuff.

Besides if I like it enough I might just write some sheet music up for you. :P ::is a terrible lyricist:: j/k unless people ask me I wouldn't do that. Dun worry!

If you can accept a small tip. The biggest mistake people make when writing music is they try to put too many words in. If you have too many words, it either has to be a country song or a rap...

Hmm..... I don't think I necessarily want to be writing country or rap.... Thanks for the tip :o)

hey i'm a random grrl and i d/l some of those songs (mainly because ataris and dashboard are on my top 5 definatly) and i just wanted to say that they were fun and good times. that's all. :)

Heh, thanks, glad you didn't hate them :o)

she never said that, james.

my fav songs: San Dimas High School Football Rules, If You Really Want To Hear About It, Take Me Back, I O U One Galaxy...very cool

yer very welcome =]

San Dimas is now on my playlist, in fact. Be proud.
*wipes blood from ears*
I actually really like your version.

Why thank you :o)

It was performed for her :o)

kudos to you, my friend

good music choices, yay you!

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