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Make it stop!
In a moment of sheer scariness, Liam and I both came out with the same thing at the same time:
Jamie²³ - Shpx bss says:
nw m gng t spk wtht vwls!!
1 in 30 says:
wy nt jst tk ll th vwls frm wrds?
I conclude he is too similar to me, and therefore must be insane.

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hence "1 in 30"
1 in 5 has a mental disorder.
1 in 30 is certifiably insane.

This shows the generally bizarre nature of the system, and the complete irony of the term "insane", given that we're all individual.

Bt, vwls r vry prtt whn wrttn.

vrythng s btfl thgh, dry. lve vrythng tdy. vn sclls nd stns r mzng, scpclly whn y'r nkd. lv bng nkd.

Who loves being nuked? meant the other nkd...

Dwz alwys lvs bng nkd s wll.

Shldn't "y"s ndng wrds b cntd s vwls?

shld thy? y cnt tll wht wrds mn wtht thm...!

Rght, tchniclly "y" s vwl whn t's n th nd f wrds. Bt f w'r gng t rmv ll th vwls hvng "y" wld b hlpfl.

Ths wld'v bn gd cd fr pssng nts n clss bck n hgh schl. T wld rlly hv pssd th tchrs ff!

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