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This mood of yours is temporary...
Whatever my problem was yesterday, it's gone. It seemed to evaporate just as I was writing it down, and I finally got a little perspective on life. I guess enlightenment is better late than never... I'd like to apologise for whining and being down, but apologies just seem so weak and needy, so I won't say I'm sorry, and instead I'll assume that everybody knows that I wasn't being like that deliberately.

So, what reasons for my newfound happiness? Well firstly, the perspective I got on my issues, that was a start. Plus, I think I moped myself out - I tend to be rather positive deep down, and I can only be miserable for so long until I just run out of misery. I do not take after my father in this respect ;o) I just ran out of things to be annoyed and upset about, so I stopped. Do I dare risk thanking Mel for cheering me up immensely, and thus make myself look a little dependent on others when my aim here is to appear strong? I guess I can do that - Mel, thanks for cheering me up, you always know how to make me smile :o)

Other reasons - well, last night, messing about with Harry, Jimbo and Claire, really helped. Even if we were just playing catch, there was a certain atmosphere to it which was really happy, so that helped my overall mood. Oh, and the subsequent realisation that I actually have more money than I thought I did was also a big plus factor - now I can afford food, and cinema, and train fares, and still have money left over. This is, in my opinion, good.

In celebration of my being happy, I decided to go back to being the poser that I know I am deep down. I even managed to take a picture of myself which rivals my userpic for "My favourite picture of me ever"... It's nothing special, but I just really like the way it was shot, and stuff... Anyhow, here it is - my "glamour shot", if you can actually call it that :o)

I'm seriously contemplating sticking this in the top left of the screen on my journal and friends pages - I'm just really rather fond of how it came out. And it was taken in natural light, no less - something my webcam usually has significant problems with. The reason it's in black and white is, in actual fact, because it came out rather purple - like I said, my webcam doesn't do natural light well. But other than the saturation, it was fine, which is novel :o)

Anyway, I'm in two minds - do I go down to the beach with Jimbo to see Eric Cantona playing football there, or do I stay in and bask in my happiness by doing some creative writing, or just by hanging around in a good mood (which is always nice)... Well, we'll just have to see. I may even do some revision - I'm in a good enough mood that I think I could handle it ;o)

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(Deleted comment)
Indeed I am not - I am grey :o)

hmmm. you like like an incredibly camp film star ;P


I know what you mean :o\

Firstly, I'd be a crap girlfriend if I didn't know how to make you smile. But I'm glad you're feeling better.

Secondly, you look better in other pictures I would say, although it being black and white is good. I think I might make some of mine black and white..


You do it better than anybody else though - you make me do silly childish little grins and stuff, it's great :o)

And I really like black and white - it allows you to play with the softness of the whole picture a lot more and stuff... Or something like that :o)

Awww :)

and.. I haven't got software that lets me play with pictures. Hmmm.. maybe if I actually bothered installing my webcam picture software, hehe.

I like that photo. How often do I say that? :oP

Very rarely - I'm shocked ;o)

That's an important endorsement if ever I heard one :o)

I'm glad to see you've snapped back. That happens to me all the time. I get all freaked out over stuff, then I write about it and it all just dissipates. It happens with money a lot - I don't know why I worry about money. My motto has always been: "You might want more, but there has always been enough."

I like the picture too. I wish I had a webcam, I'd play with it all the time!

Glad to see you've used your time productively in order to create of of the most wicked cool things ever ;o)

PS, I see the URL, the "emofag", and "gaylord" references in there. Thankfully, it's funny enough that I can still laugh :o)

hehehe it does say "emofag" just before the whiterain url... and gaylord right after "dashboard"... none of it's really about you i don't think.
i was just typing random stuff really.


C'mon now be honest - you touched up the eye piercing to make it more prominent didn't you! ;0)

Nope, no touching up involved. Chances are it caught the light, and when I auto-adjusted the contrast, it just amplified the effect.

ok I believe you!

No no honestly I do - this time! :0)

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