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Ooh, new Big Brother person... Sophie.... She's not bad looking at all, but she reminds me too much of Sarah in Maths, both in appearance and personality....

Anyhow, let's see how this goes :o)

However, I'm sleep deprived - not slept in... well... a long time... I've been watching football and stuff. So I think I should have a bit of a nap... :o)

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I don't like any of them anymore, I used to think Jonny, Alison, Adele, and Sandy were safe, but they all irritate me, all 11 of them, yet I'm inexplicably addicted to reading up about it online!

I'll see what happens with Sophie, and decide what to think. She fancies Lee so that doesn't look good...

I agree, they're all losers to be honest - they grew on me, then sort of fell off again... But still, they might yet re-grow on me... :o)

Hmm Alex and Sandy are beginning to regrow on me, they're probably the most interesting, and controversial. If they'd vote Alison out this week, then one of the 'main posse', i.e. a leader of that crew would leave..leaving them to disintegrate, and Alex and Sandy to cause more havoc. I'm starting to warm to Spencer, after he told Jade she was thick!

I'm warming to Spencer much more after what he said when he was nominating Alison - I just thought it was really funny, and the whole nominations thing was a nice chance to actually hear him talking openly about something, since normally he's too quiet..

Yeah, he seems like a nice bloke under all that slobbing -he doesn't bitch..I hate the neck tattoo tho, but hey, that's trivial..I dont' get the sex appeal thing tho..Even Lee is becoming better, coz he nominated retardo..sorry Jade.

Btw i redirected sh0kr0k to your LJ, about protecting pics..

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