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(61:00) Great save there.... That was looking decidedly risky...

(62:00) Keiron Dyer looks to be coming on for Beckham, which will help... And even though he's playing for the enemy, I'd still like to see Freddie doing more....

(67:00) We're defending very poorly, it's no wonder we're not winning any more....

(70:00) We wouldn't have conceded a goal if our defence was still based around the Arsenal back four.... :o)

(72:00) Could've done with Beckham for that free kick really... And Vassell, who has had a great game, is coming off for Joe Cole - not sure about that decision, I can think of people who should come off before Vassell, but....

(75:00) Only quarter of an hour to go - given how great the other two teams were this morning, a draw won't be good enough, we need to win this...

(79:00) And Emile Heskey fails to score - what a surprise!!

(93:00) Well, in a game that should have been a comfortable victory in the first half, we seem to have gotten away with a draw which we were lucky to have...

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we had a good starting half.. and then we seemed to die a death of a thousand men in the second half.

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I want to propose a new system where the Dutch, English, Germans, French, etc., automatically qualify. A World Cup without Holland is just... well... not a world cup. They're the team I always support in second place after England :o(

This makes me glad that I overslept through the entire game, and through the afternoon too. Thanks.

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