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Worried Concern
My (ex)darling Jo is in hospital. Nothing drastically serious. Hmph... I'm going to send her a nice Get Well Soon card tomorrow...

In other news, Bri is doing OK. Recently said the following:
2 Reasons why Today Didn't Suck:

1) A yummy white glob of bird shit came three inches away from my head on its path to the ground. Why is this good, you may ask? It didn't hit me. I laughed and mocked the bird, then life in general. People stared. Remind me not to push my luck next time. There are a lot of birds around here.

2) Tearing apart one of those six-pack plastic ring thingies (it makes you feel strong, AND helps the environment), I came about an inch away from hitting myself quite hard in the balls. Imagine explaining THAT.

It is funny how the realization that you aren't in pain (or covered in shit) can be so uplifting.

Ah, love Bri :o)


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