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(25:00) We're playing some good football... Of course, Argentina and Nigeria played some fantastic world-class stuff, and it'll be tough for us, but we look to be up to it :o)

(35:00) David Beckham is playing a beautiful, intelligent game here... Some fantastic crosses with amazing accuracy... We seem to be dominating the play, and if we win, then I rather think that it'll be deserved...

(41:00) It's nice to see so many Arsenal players out there... Campbell, Seaman, Cole, Ljungberg... It'd be even nicer to see a second goal by us just before half time.....

(53:00) Heskey is actually playing quite well, but all the instances of him doing good things have been in a defensive capacity. The man is not a striker, he's a defender, so I'm not quite sure why everybody seems to play him up front...

(55:00) Vassell is really actually quite good.... Certainly one to watch... :o)

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Vassell would have to be my favourite man on the pitch today.. he just couldn't be beaten to easily.

Unfortunatly, Sven took him off.... it's just not right.

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