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Quick Sketch
Yes, I know I suck, before you tell me...

I stole the vague shape of the face from my LJ userpic and stuff... It was really just a test of whether I can remember the techniques I've learned (which I couldn't), and I wanted to see how well I could roughly portray bleached hair with roots. The hair seemed to work, if nothing else did (don't even get me started on how wrong the nose is...)

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Actually, the hair looks really cool...

So you did a portrait of Nakato who plays for Japan right? ;0)

Hey James,
I like your drawing, you have talent...:)


Re: Tou don't know me but,

Hmm, I rather disagree, but thanks :o)

Re: You don't know me but,

Disaggree? Why do you thik you have no talent. Your better at drawing people than I...I can only draw animals and wierd creatures like


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