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Funny how Bush's attitude towards terrorism keeps changing... A few weeks ago he was warning Americans that attack was inevitable and that they should all be extra careful because they were all about to die. So we waited for the attacks to happen. And we waited. And waited. And still, there hasn't been another terrorist attack on mainland USA since last September, unless you count the Anthrax hysteria...

So now, why does it not shock me that the news headline is "Bush says US will strike first", with the attached article explaining that Bush has decided that a pre-emptive strike is the solution, and that waiting for threats to fully materialise is leaving things too late. Now, call me a cynic, but this tends to suggest that he's been waiting for an excuse to blow somebody up, and when it didn't come, he's decided that the US will strike first, thus justifying whatever lunacy he's about to pull off.

After all, the situation in the middle east has calmed down now, so he can probably get away with attacking Saddam now... In the coming weeks, he will announce that his security people have hinted that there's going to be an assault from Iraq, and that they can't sit back and wait for it to happen like they did last year. Then, with massive public (read: propaganda-fed drone) support, he launches an attack on Iraq, kills a few civilians for good measure, and wins Daddy's approval for finishing what he started.

God bless America.....

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Damn I love Bush.
Let's just hope he gets the right country when it comes to pressing the little red button.

Why, were you expecting a sensible and coherent foreign policy, one which didn't involve bombing anyone back into the Stone Age, from a Bush administration?

Also, in response to your earlier post about right-wing politics, I agree completely... I think the American right wing has a couple of sensible ideas, such as enforcing existing gun laws, but for the most part they are outright evil. OK, maybe not a Emperor Palpatine level of evilness, but a 40-million-people-have-no-health-insurance-because-of-them level.

And what do you think about America's Christian right becoming Israel's friend all of a sudden? It makes me quite a bit uneasy...

Why, were you expecting a sensible and coherent foreign policy, one which didn't involve bombing anyone back into the Stone Age, from a Bush administration?

Sorry, I know, it's stupid that I get my hopes up like this when I know they're only going to be dashed later :o)

As for the Christian Right, it always vaguely amuses me when I remember that the right is now on the side of the Jews - fifty years seems to have done something weird to political views and suddenly it's apparently the left that wants the Jews to piss off, or something (although this is a leftist view that I do not hold, thankfully - I just think that Israel and Palestine both need their bottoms smacked by mommy rather than anything more drastic ;o)...

My advice - fear the Christian Right :o)

Yes, fear the Christian right... They are obsessive crazies, the lot of them.

I don't like how they discriminate against people of other faiths... But, then, what can I expect? It's the Christian Right for God's sake...

They just want Israel in Jewish hands so that they can keep the "infidels" out of Bethlehem. They want that new temple built pronto so the rapture can happen, and all the rest of us can be subjected to the last judgement.


i also like all the controversy in Germany at the moment because one of the papers there dared to criticise israel's policies and then another branded that paper anti-semitic.


Freedom of speech? wha??

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