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*small cheer*

Heh, I love when throws a couple of in-jokes into a story... Take, for instance, the latest one

Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan argued both interpretations could lead to disaster. "If people don't have jobs, they can't buy what's produced, and vice versa," he said. "So the bottom line is, if no one really wants what you're producing, then there's no point in making it."

In response, ABC cancelled its entire fall lineup.
It is, for the most part, a reference to many of these articles... And I feel proud(ish) for having spotted that - I mean, it's not hard, but still. It's great, whenever I'm in need of cheering up, SatireWire is sufficiently witty to make me feel happier, and more inspired to write, which can't be bad :o)


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