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Good God, spam gets annoying. I got one of those irritating "Somebody likes you" e-mails, where you then go to the site, and put in e-mail addresses guessing who it is, and if you guess it right, then it tells you. And if you guess it wrong, it sends that person an e-mail saying that you like them. It's one of these amazing ploys to get a lot of e-mail addresses from people to then sell on to others. The only odd thing was that my address was the one that it got sent to - only perhaps two people in the world use that address. So I know who to point the finger at for signing me up to yet more spam....

Now to start making more killfile rules.....

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Yeah, those things really annoy me! (

If spam annoys you, I would recommend not placing your email address visibly.

Spam is a bitch.

My friend gave me this email address you can use to report spam. Dunno if it will help, but I suppose it cannot hurt.

Here it is:

I got one of those "someone likes you" things as well. They are stupid.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it won't help....

I imagine it won't. But, it's better than nothing.

Not really, no..... It's worse than doing nothing, because it gives my e-mail address to this unknown entity, and wastes my time, for nothing.

Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Ah well. Sucks.

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