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What a Beautiful Day
If you were me, you'd have just spent the last hour sunbathing topless on the beach. I'm telling you now, it's so cool to live within five minutes walk of the sea... Sunbathing at 6pm, it sounds funny, but there we go... It was so relaxing, and the sea breeze kept me cool enough that I wasn't uncomfortable... You can tell by the texture of my skin that I've been out in the sun - I'm not sure quite why, but it feels different when I sunbathe.

My opinion of the people in Big Brother is rapidly changing based on their knowledge of football alone, which is kinda narrow minded, but you know, some people come out with stupid things...
"When do the Scotland matches start, Sandy?" Adele asked innocently.

With the group straining at the bit to point out her mistake, it was her close ally Lee who got in there first with a restrained, "They're not in it! Ireland are though."

And cue Jade. "But Ireland and Scotland are part of England," argued the honest housemate, to roars of laughter from the others.

Later on, Sandy took to reminiscing about Scotland's golden era in the 1994 World Cup, when the Bravehearts lost by just one goal to the mighty Brazilians.

The House veteran was soon brought back down to earth by bodybuilder Lee, reminding him that, "Scotland [then] got whipped by Morocco three nil."

But the last word was left to sunbathing Jade, who unknowingly enquired about Morocco: "Is that a continent?"
In the words of the Scots - they did'ne qualify. Muahaha!! (I only say that because that's what they said when they qualified and we didn't in the 80s(?))... And seriously, Jade needs her brain putting back in - whoever removed it, you're not funny, you're not clever, and it was mean ;o)

And speaking of Big Brother, Alex now seems to be doing his nut that some people are peeing in the shower. He then went on to say "Maybe their family doesn't mind them pissing in the shower. They are talking to each other likes it a normal thing to do"... Somebody slap that guy around the head with a clue-bat - a lot of people pee in the shower, it's not abnormal. But consider the fact that subsequently, the shower floor gets washed clean by the water and soap and everything anyway, so it's not going to kill him. Yeesh... I'd spam my journal with a "who pees in the shower" poll, but nobody would be honest anyway ;o)

I can't wait for Reading... I'll be seeing the following at the very least (hopefully): Feeder, New Found Glory, Fenix TX, Finch, Alkaline Trio, Saves The Day, No Use for a Name, Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, The Offspring, Slipknot, Incubus, NOFX, Puddle of Mudd, Hundred Reasons... Somebody try telling me that that won't rock :o) I may or may not record some of them - depends on what facilities I have available to me. Ed, you might want No Use, NoFX and Dashboard, so you can sort out something to record with for me ;o)

Anyway, that is all for now... No real plans for tonight, as per usual - I'll probably manage to bore myself silly...

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i didn't even know it was the world cup till this morning.......

Sorry to be a total pedant, but i think you/Big Brother ppls mean the 1998 World Cup!

I had thought something along those lines actually, because I remembered watching it (and I didn't see much of USA 94). But I decided not to change it, since I was only quoting anyway... :o)

well, um, i'm going to be recording the ones i've highlighted in bold on my list, so um.. yeah. stuff ;)

I can't wait for Reading...


I'd give you my ticket if you'd let me.... although it'd mean camping ;o)

you know I wouldn't let you do that.

but thanks.

and its alright. I'll deal I guess :)

I know you wouldn't. But if you'd let me, I would... As it is, I'll just buy you loads of merchandise for bands you like :o)

All I want is a Finch shirt :D

but i'll give you the money for it.. :P

We'll see... you'll get that, plus perhaps other stuff ;o)

Hmmm... no. but thanks for offering :)

Ha, it's not up to you ;o)

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