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Have been sleeping on and off for the last 12 hours... Taking naps here and there - it's easier than just staying awake through some pretty boring football (and a lot of it was). Eire got a draw, which is the best they could've really hoped for, Denmark won a nice victory over Uruguay (winners of the first two ever world cups, as I recall), and Germany utterly slaughtered Saudi Arabia 8-0. I'd love to cry "fluke", but to be honest, it was good play from the Germans, and really awful play from the Saudis. Somebody really needs to teach that squad how to play a long ball, because they never did - their strikers were effectively useless because nobody was putting balls through to them, they were getting the ball up the pitch with short passes, and it just didn't work... Although I don't think the Germans are up to sufficient standard to come anywhere near winning the whole thing yet, mind.....

Anyhow, plan for right now is to go shower, then go out for a bit - it's lovely weather, and I might go lie on the beach in the sunshine... I'd been napping underneath my window with the sun on me, which is vaguely tanning me, but sadly it's only doing one half of my face, and if you look closely you can see the difference. Oops :o) Anyhow, I have to go out because I need to buy more electricity since we're almost out, and it's allegedly my turn. So I shall cease being randomly boring now, and return later.....

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Uruguay won the world cup in 1930 and 1950.

Which were the first and second, weren't they? It only became a regular thing after the 1950 one, right?


1930 - Uruguay
1934 - Italy
1938 - Italy
1950 - Uruguay

Fair enough - it's been a fair while since I read much about the original ones. Still, points to me for remembering that Uruguay won the first one ;o)

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