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I just... I dunno... I really can't quite understand the right wing at all.... I'm sure I used to understand what they were on about, even if I disagreed. These days, I just can't get a grasp on the ideas at all. This is a political system that puts the economy before the environment, and puts the desires of the few ahead of the needs of the many. I mean, look at the Kyoto agreement, and the fact that Bush pulled out. Apparently, curbing toxic emissions is only acceptable if it doesn't harm the economy. Now perhaps I'm just a lunatic leftie, but I would be willing to sacrifice some of my money in exchange for the assurance that the world will be a cleaner place in a few years time. I'd sacrifice a lot of money if it would avoid global environmental catastrophe...

I actually feel kinda bad for my political beliefs - central to my belief that I'm a reasonable person is the fact that I have an open mind. However, I honestly can't even comprehend a political system that fails to treat all people as equal, doesn't seek to give everybody equal chances, and does not work for the good of the planet. Does that make me closed-minded and unaccepting of other peoples' political views? Or is it simply the case that a right-wing approach to politics is fundamentally against the good of the majority, and therefore is so illogical that I shouldn't be expected to understand? Answers on a postcard please.....

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I don't often shy away from giving my opinion. So, here I go.

"Does that make me closed-minded and unaccepting of other peoples' political views? Or is it simply the case that a right-wing approach to politics is fundamentally against the good of the majority, and therefore is so illogical that I shouldn't be expected to understand?"

No. Everyone is allowed to have their own p.o.v, and yours is totally valid. I do not agree with Bush pulling out of the Kyoto agreement. The right wing has it's problems, as does the left. Personally, I am not really on any side, my views span the gammut of right-left.

As to being against the good of the majority-- that's hard to say. For the world at large? Yes. However, they have good points, and I am never one to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Anyway, that's it.

As to being against the good of the majority-- that's hard to say. For the world at large? Yes.

Surely the world at large is the majority, and therefore, you're agreeing :o)

does anyone know the specifics of the Kyoto Agreement?

Reason is, I remember a long ranting discussion on a messageboard when Bush first announced he was pulling out. Many of the pro-Bush people claimed that the Agreement was totally unbalanced, that, although the US produced the most pollution per head, it also spent the most $$$ per head on cleaning it up, and was going to be penalised by the Agreement simply by being a First World nation, whereas Second/Third world countries were to have no restrictions put on them despite some (China, India) producing huge amounts of pollution and spending next to nothing clearing it up. I never saw anyone refute this points, but I've never been sure if it was actually the case (cause the board in question did seem to be full of right-wing anti-gun control american nutters).

I don't know the fine print about cleaning up, all I know is that it stated that emissions were to be cut to below 1990 levels.

fair enough. it was never something we covered in a-level politics so i know jack about it, really.

and, hmmm, looks like the email notifications are on the blink again :-/

No James - your views are yours to have regardless of whether they appear close minded or not! Lets face it - if I thought your views were close minded - would that not make me just the same!

Personally I could not imagine handing over any more money than I already do! I mean 11% NI!!!!!!! 40% tax on everything I earn over £29k (which isn't a lot these days) - plus a further 33% off my net income (I kid you not) for other - ummmmm - Govt revenue streams! Not to mention fuel taxes etc etc etc! The situation in this country at the moment is forcing many people to look overseas.

Hong Kong is a great example! Flat rate for tax of 15% - better lifestyle - more of your own money in your pocket. Singapore is the same. This country is stnging those that work so much that migration is on the increase. Its not difficult to see why and hence is one of the reasons I too am starting to look abraod.

The odd thing is I do agree with you in principle. If I thought the money I was handing over was going to worthy and genuinely needy people I would happily pay it and not once complain. But the lack of benefits fraud investment and genuine filtering of those in genuine need is resulting in too many loafers sponging off the efforts of those who try to better themselves and provide for their future (Ha). I'm not a hugely political animal and have no channeled belief into any one ideaology. I tend to judge on how I am affected at this moment in time because I am really struggling despite earning a good whack. Whether left or right wing I don't care - if they permit me to be rewarded for all my hard work and instigate some decent fund management they will have my vote.

Your principles are sound and being totally honest quite admirable. If you have any suggestions on how to create an infrastructure which will manage the money we hand over every week/month which will not create such bitterness in many please voice them in political circles. Lord knows they need it!

I won't even mention the NHS or Education Education Education! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I agree with you on Mr Bush - but lets face it - he's a Texan is he not? ;0)

This so-called "global environmental catastrophe" that you speak of is neither proved to be going to happen nor likely to happen in my lifetime. Someone once had a theory about the ozone layer which will probably be de-bunked in a few years time. Like they once thought the world was flat. But it isn't. It's a current fad to talk about the "ozone", especially amongst budding environmentalist commies. I don't see why someone should lose his job because of something which may never even affect him. The economy is more important to people than the environment. You talk about being for the masses, but ask someone in Burma if they'd rather have a clean world or some food. What do you think they'd choose? Your argument is typical of centralist-left middle class politics. Pathetic. hehe i'm trolling jamie's livejournal. i hope i get angry responses.


Oh come on, your examples are stupid, that's not what it comes down to and you know it. It's not a choice between food or clean air - the two are wholly different issues, and should be tackled independently. You're just having a centre-right knee-jerk reaction to a perfectly reasonable leftist sentiment. Grow up and look at the bigger picture! I'm trolling Martyn back, I wonder if he knows

Wanker! Damn, busted ;o)

politics is for gays anyway i wonder if anyone else will realise...

Agreed, it's for homofags... I doubt it very much - I very nearly didn't...

(Deleted comment)
Even though I made the last one obvious because it was slightly off-white...

hehehehe looks like mr.guntrip didn't notice...

besides, if the environment gets screwed up, crop patterns will get so screwed there'll be no food ;

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