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Ah, but of course, we're in June, and suddenly I don't have to ask myself quite why it is - I've remembered what June means... It means the first anniversary of the Worst Day Of My Life&0153;, which falls between the 3rd and 4th (see, I was living on a phase-shifted cycle where my sleep pattern was about 12 hours out, so my days back then kinda spanned two regular days). That would probably explain exactly why it is that my head is playing tricks on me lately, and I've been having bad dreams.

I should probably calm down a little - the evil streak in me would rather like to take one Hell of a revenge on the one year anniversary, and oh boy do I have the power to do that. david, it's your job to remain my conscience and talk me out of it, because the irony of the poetic justice involved is very tempting. Regardless, I'll try to be grown up about it - it's in the past, and I'm okay with it. I just feel like acting as the agent of karma would be entertaining if nothing else. But enough bitterness ;o)

Watching the news is amusing... They're talking about Pakistan and India and the possibility of nuclear war. This strikes me as stupid - neither country would ever nuke the other for two reasons. The first is MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction. If one country launches against the other, it then gets missiles launched at itself. No-win situation. Secondly, in the event that a strike could be carried out without retribution, have either side looked at a map lately? They live right on each others' doorsteps. Odds are the fallout would hurt both nations, regardless of who launched missiles. So why the Hell would either of them ever use them?

The great thing about a prediction like this is that in the event that I'm wrong, I doubt people will waste time saying "I told you so" to me, since they'll have more important things to do (i.e. making their ways to the nearest nuclear bunkers). Anyway, the other news is no less silly - they're talking about the Jubilee, which is just funny. The queen has reigned for fifty years, ergo they're having a party in her honour. I'm not as anti-monarchy as I feel I really ought to be, but I do think this whole fiasco is stupid.

I mean really, if Tony Blaire makes it to 2007 without being voted out, and thus reaches ten years in control of the nation, is the nation going to rejoice? I think not. He does a lot for the country (for good or ill), and not just that, but because he is elected, logically he has more reason to celebrate staying in power. All the queen has to do is try to avoid dying or getting usurped, hardly cause for street parties.

Okay, yes, she does do things for the country - she's a great ambassador, yadda yadda, gives the nation character, etc., but surely she gets rewarded for that by living in a massive palace, getting money from the government, and generally being exempt from the pitfalls that face those of us who live in the real world, and remains loved for it. Is this not reward enough for her? Must we really go out of our way to do anything this coming week? I doubt it :o)

The next item on the news - Stephen Byers resigning. What the Hell was that about? He gets accused of things repeatedly and stands his ground - then finally, when nobody is accusing him of anything new any more, he quits - how utterly counter-intuitive of him. Like they said on Have I Got News For You earlier, it makes it hard to know what he's resigning for. It was obvious he had to go - he was less a politician, more a device employed by the media to criticize the government, and no political party wants such a liability in their ranks. Oh well, I'm sure he'll sell his side of the story for millions, and thus fame for the sake of it guarantees income....

Time to relax, lighten up, and try to unwind by not watching the news any more :o)

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Nothing about Nuclear War is intelligent... I really have no opinion about the India/Pakistan thing, because I do not trust the reporting on this. In times of chaos the first thing that goes is realistic news service. So, who knows what the magnitude of this thing is.

Hopefully it will not happen. I will be surprised if it does.

It would be nice if you talked to me about whatever it is. I can probably guess, but thats not the point..

*cuddles* xx

I will later if you want :o)


the risk of pakistan nuking india back into the stone age is more likely than the usa and the ussr nuking each other was, and that came pretty close a few times. there's quite a risk there. probably nothing will be launched, but you have to understand that diplomatic connections were severed and i don't know if they've been restored. thus, there is no direct line between rulers to establish what is going on - one mistake happens, and missiles are launched. incompetence and ignorance play a big part here!

on the plus side, the kyoto agreement has finally been ratified and stuff... albeit without bush's usa (::sick::).

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