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Hmm, I think I'm probably ready to mention this... Nothing much, except that I had the worst nightmare of my entire life last night. It was one of those plausible worst case scenario nightmares, that forces you to live out your worst fear. I managed to wake up and believe that it was real for a couple of hours, which were highly depressing. I still don't want to talk about what actually happened in the dream, but it led to a couple of really depressing hours just lying in bed, thinking that half of my life had gone down the pan... It was only when I got up and properly woke up that I realised that it wasn't actually real. I hate my subconscious, it really knows how to upset me....

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I love you

and don't ever think otherwise sweetie xx


I know sweetie... Well, I know most of the time. It's just when my head plays tricks.... :o)

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