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Clamu, I'm coming to get you with a big stick ;o)

Note how after a while, I figured out it was somebody winding me up - otherwise, I'd have tried to tell you how stupid you were ;o)

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How's Barry? :P

He's fine. How's your brother, Mister "NSynk" Fan? ;o)

Oh, he's just listening to Nickleback. :P


You know if you'd not said "OMG!!1!" I wouldn't have gotten it nearly so early. In fact, I'm surprised I got it at all - I've had people more stupid than you trolling me lately ;o)

Damn you, my-tendency-to-always-do-that-when-i-use-exclamation-marks. :P

I hope you saved that chat, because I didn't - because it was obviously a wind-up, I didn't bother keeping it to post on my journal :o)

if you so much as *think* about hurting him, i'ma steal mel from you :P


*thinks about Jamie hurting calum* ---> *drooooools over jess*

see, thats what happens!

*drools more*

leave calum alone! ;)

yeah, you tell 'im, mel. if you hurt calum mel and i are going to have to spend lots of time together nursing him back to health without you, and therefore needing to umm, you know, live in the same house. and only having one bed will make it cheaper. as will not having clothes ;)

and *you're not invited* :P


and..and.. no boys are allowed.
well, except for calum obviously. but he'll be ill and stuff.

and.. Fi and Heather can come and visit when they have their lesbian wedding. hehe. I am a bridesmaid with sheepie, you know ;)

so there :P

thats what happens if you hurt calum.


Okay, I'll just shag him instead then.......

yeah. and we'll all be just nursing him and stuff and the lesbian sex will be for his amusement! so there :P no boys :P

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