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Weird... Looking at the Big Brother popularity poll thing, Jade is now the most popular. Just as everybody feared... Oh, and Spencer doesn't fancy Kate and seems to think that she's probably being presumptuous and thinks she thinks he does. Or something. It's mostly tedious, but bits of it are getting amusing... Anyway, I'm back to lie in bed, because the sun is coming in through my window, and for the next little while I'll actually be able to tan a bit just lying there :o)

Weird Fact of the Day: Monica and Chandler have been together for four years now - how weird is that?

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I think Alex and Jade will get together at some point. If Alex stays in for very long! (everyone will blatently vote out him and Lynne)

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thats just *wrong* :)

Lynne is gone as of tonight, I think. It's gonna be her and Jade up for eviction...

And yeah, Alex is gonna get nominated by like everyone...

Yeah, everyone has voted for Jade so much already.. now that people don't think she is THAT annoying, they can't change their minds.

I hope Spencer, PJ, and Jonny last. They are my favourites :)

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