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Can you begin at the ending, so that I may begin again
Hmm... It costs £13, but it might be worth it -

In order that you don't have to click the link, this will digitally watermark my images in order that nobody can steal them. The fine print says:
We guarantee that I-Protect will prevent other members from uploading your picture.**

* We can only prevent I-Protect™ protected images from being uploaded to our own servers. I-Protect™ system also adds global Digimarc™ information into your image, which makes it illegal for anybody to upload your images to any other website. Digimarc™ copyright information is detected by all leading image software such as Photo Shop™ or Paint Shop Pro™. This gives you the power to use legal force to remove an image from another website. Faceparty cannot contribute to your costs in pursuing legal matters in any way against other websites whatsoever.

** In the unlikely event of a failure in protecting an image, we will remove it by hand at our expense within 48 hours. I-Protect will not protect basic block images, such as company logos. It will only protect photographic images.

If you do not have I-Protect™ and another member has stolen your pictures, you will need to pay a registered solicitor or attorney to investigate your claim before we are able to remove them. I-Protect™ exists to protect your images: If you do not take advantage of it, you do so at your own risk and Faceparty cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringement, loss, or damage resulting in your lack of participation.

Like all of our features, I-Protect™ was developed exclusively for Faceparty, by Faceparty.
Now, forgive me for being cynical and/or cocky, but I bet that given twenty minutes I could crack any watermark they put on my images. I didn't do (or indeed miss, as may be the case) a course in computer vision for nothing - I can take pictures apart so easily in something like Matlab, screw with them a bit, and put them back together.

So yeah, it might be worth getting their stupid digital watermark thing just so that I can break it, then release a simple algorithm to the public that would help them do the same. Just some little cute little toy that would play with a few RGB and brightness values in the image, perform a brightness-channel smoothing operation to smudge any watermark and bring the image back to what it's meant to look like again, and then flog it for cheap.

Now you might be asking "Why are you contributing to the theft of images", which does indeed seem rather silly. Especially since I've had instances of my own pictures (of dubious content) getting nicked from me - one of these days I'll see myself on a porn site or something, I can tell. But my point is this - copyright and ownership are all very well, but they're taken to stupid extremes. So somebody passes off your picture as one of their own - OH MY GOD, SUE THEM! I mean please, next every website on the planet is going to start spouting the DMCA and telling its users to abide by its ridiculous rules.

In fact, by outlining how I'd break the watermark on the images above, I've probably just publicly supplied knowledge of how to get around copyright techniques, and as such could probably be sued under the DMCA. Thankfully, I couldn't give a rat's ass, so that's okay :o)

Anyway, onto yet more online pointlessness......

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how can you complain you have no money, and then want to spend money buying that?


sorry, not criticising.. just curious ;)

Actually, you're the one who talks about how I have no money - I tend not to care that much ;o)

Anyway, I'd probably get it refunded, just because I bought something that utterly failed to work. And it'd be an amusing challenge... :o)

Thats only when you buy *me* stuff, and I feel bad :P

Well don't, I like buying you things :o)

>>Digimarc™ copyright information is detected by all leading image software such as Photo Shop™ or Paint Shop Pro™.


But it's pointless. Use another paint program that do not have Digimarc support, open the protected image. Go to File > Save As and save with different filename.

Taadaa - watermark's all gone.

It sounds like a good idea, because most of the people on faceparty wouldn't have the first clue on how to remove a watermark, they probably won't even know what one was.

And it would save me a lot of effort, i've already got two people kicked off fp for using my pics :o)

Just resize the image in Photoshop

Image resizing take out all watermark.

Re: Just resize the image in Photoshop

Like it says:

"Digimarc™ copyright information is detected by all leading image software such as Photo Shop™ or Paint Shop Pro™."

You can't even open the image in Photo Shop.

i dont understand how this thing works... well ok i lie, i understand what it is they are doing, its a simple watermark and the digimarc code inserted into the picture... i still dont get how they can advertise that with the guarantee...

its not foolproof, it simply adds some code into the page to stop right click, but if (like me) you have a 127 key keyboard you will have a menu key that works... or can simply view the source and strip the image straight from there...

so essentially they are hoping to be able to get enough money from people getting this thing to make a profit as most of the images wont need following up right? poor business ethos that... cause it makes me want to release a simple program to remove the watermarks...

oh and fyi the DMCA doesnt apply outside of a few countries (uk, us, a few others) sweden being one of them that it doesnt apply in...

sorry for the double post but cant edit anonymous ones can i....

anyway, why on earth would you waste your time using matlab to make an algorithm... watermarks are easy to break...

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